ModeAudio – Airflow: Scifi Cinematic Loops (WAV)

By | May 23, 2022


Publisher: ModeAudio
Format: WAV
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description : Airflow – Sci-Fi Cinematic Loops from ModeAudio will let a lot of swirling dystopian sound through your music like a thick rush of neon smog, enveloping your productions with dark atmosphere, mystery and intrigue of a cinema.
Dive into a haze of seething textures, brooding drones and ethereal atmospheres with this selection of 153 tempo-synced musical loops that will send your next track into the heyday of retro-futuristic melancholy!
All the textural action is accompanied by folders of wide, reverb-drenched synth riffs, powerful basses, smoky pads, and deep, gritty percussive rhythms, laced with layers of shimmery, nimble percussive detail to keep everything moving.
This mind-bending clash of emotive synth work, pulsating rhythm and misty texture will create dense agglomerations of cinematic sound in your DAW, whether you’re making music meant for the dancefloor or the multiplex.
Along with the main loop selection is a set of 30 SFX samples, showcasing the full depth and power of modern sound design, including growling risers, layers of ghost noise and rumbling sonic detonations.
Step into a dark future world where shadows and textures reign supreme – download Airflow – Sci-Fi Cinematic Loops today!

Content :
183 samples

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