Exotherm Sound Productions – Filthy Dubstep Presets for NI Massive Vol.2 (MASSIVE)

By | August 8, 2022


Manufacturer: Exotherm Sound Productions


System Requirements: NI Massive 1.1.5

‘Filthy Dubstep Presets for NI Massive Vol 2’ is the second awesome installment from Exotherm Sound Productions. This incredibly dark and dirty pack comes with 30 filthy Bass, lead and pad patches for the sonic monster NI Massive!

Exotherm Sound Productions brings you a new and heavier Dubstep preset pack with their second volume. Get ready to take your Dubstep productions to the next level with these 36 awesome patches!

Exotherm Sound Productions brings you a new and massive set of Dubstep presets that will take your tracks to the next level. Most presets have macro controllers assigned.

Patch Breakdown:
• BA Demon Inside
• BA Dirty Troat
• BA Excision Glory
• BA Excision Glory 2
• BA Mad Cow
• BA Rusko’s Insanity
• BA Simple Yoi
• BA Skelchy
• BA Subdrop (C2)
• BA Wobble Town
• FX Welcome to Wobbletown
• FX Yoi Man
• LD Skrill-Slide
• BA Glider SUB
• LD Bass Cannon
• LD Electro Killer
• LD Hardstyle Saw
• LD Itchy Robot
• LD Spazzy
• LD Dead Mouse
• PD Alien Fallout
• BA Nasty Wobble
• BA Crazy Krookz
• BA F**k Nyaa
• BA Angry Dub
• BA Armor Lock
• BA Drop Top
• BA Drop Down
• BA Robot Hype
• BA Monster Machine
• BA Simple but Dirty
• BA Pump
• BA Launch
• BA Screamer

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