Xenos Soundworks – Tweaked Out Techno (Massive)

By | August 8, 2022


Producer: Xenos Soundworks
Format: Massive.KSD.NMSV

Description: 50 extremely powerful massive sounds.
Tweaked Out Techno contains 50 extremely powerful presets for Native Instruments Massive, targeting electro house/complextro, tech-house and minimal techno, taking inspiration from such artists as Dirtyloud, Spencer & Hill, Porter Robinson and more. Each patch in the soundset uses the Macro Controls, the vast majority of them using all 8 for maximum tweakability and expression. The soundset ships in a zip file containing both KSD and the new NMSV format.

• BA 32 Kilobytes
• BA Alter Ego
• BA Analog Bass
•BA Bassbuster
• BA Chameleon
• BA Complexstro 54
• BA Complextro Macros 1
• BA Complextro Macros 2
• BA Complextro Wobbler 1
• BA Complextro Wobbler 2
• BA Crank Da Knobs
• BA Deep N Dubby
• BA Digitronic
• BA Dirty Word
• BA Electrosparks
• BA Evil Twin
• BA Eww So Filthy!
• BA Jekyll and Hyde
• BA Kicked Up A Notch
• BA Laser Blasts
• BA Mind Games
• BA Minimal Low End
• BA Modified 303
• BA Napalm
• BA Phat Lady Sings
• BA Phunky Philters
• BA Powerhouse
• BA Slim Jim
• BA Steel Roses
• BA The Lowdown
• BA Throat Singer
• BA Transition Element
•CH Fidget House
• CH Omni Chord
•CH Tweaker’s Chords
• FX Hoover Siren
• LD Bit Of Texture
• LD Entrophy
• LD Fanfare
• LD Fidget Groove Lead
• LD Gritty Squard
• LD Plucked Bells
• LD SID Chip Lead
• LD Storm the Club
• LD Sunrise
•PD Partytime!
• PD Wave Traveler
• SY Circuit Bent Toy
• SY House Polysynth
• SY Polly Anna

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