Studio Sounds – Mustard On The Bank Vol.1 (MASSIVE)

By | August 15, 2022


Publisher: Studio Sounds



Quality: 24 bit | 44.1 kHz | stereo

Description :
Studio Sounds presents the Mustard On The Bank Vol.1 set. If you need the best sounds for your hip hop, trap, urban, RnB or pop projects then this mega set is for you. Each set includes sounds for plucks, leads, pads, effects, basses, keyboards and more.

Content :

Additional Information :
DJ Mustard might be one of the most controversial producers of recent times. Some producers love his sound, while others think it’s too simple – but one thing that nobody can argue is the fact that DJ Mustard has dominated the radio and pop charts for well over 2 years now. His style has been taken and flipped into mega smash singles by everyone from Jeremih to Kid Ink, and many others.
This preset bank for the Massive VST, Mustard on the Bank Vol. 1, not only combines all of the sounds needed to easily and quickly recreate DJ Mustard’s signature sounds, it also includes all of the sounds needed to crush the radio with crossover records.
This bank is absolutely packed with Leads, Basses, and Plucks, as well as Pads, Keyboards, and Drums that are guaranteed to obliterate any beat block you may be having!
On top of duplicating Mustard’s signature sounds, we’ve also included a ton of brand new and unique sounds that have not been used by DJ Mustard or anyone else, but fit the theme to really create a well-rounded bank that you’re going to love.

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