Particular-Sound – Modularium v.1.2 (KONTAKT)

By | August 16, 2022


Publisher: Particular-Sound

Description: “Modularium” is the first instrument in our series. This is a four-layer instrument with various ways to modulate waveforms using synchronized effects. Each of the layers can do different things:
The first is a true monster of modulation called the “Generator” which uses 8 different waveforms to create a fat sound. The second layer is an instrument called “Vocalirum” – it creates the vocal pads. The third one is called “Paddle” which can create amazing pads. “Noicesetter” is a noise generator with additional settings.
You will receive 100 presets for you to customize and explore. And if you love surprises, hit the “random” button to create countless unheard sounds. You can load other tools from the main menu by clicking on the icon, or you can switch them. The main menu has the ability to randomize “every parameter” in the module, which is just fun, it creates interesting new sounds with a single click.

added 20 presets (now 100)
changed tuning from cent to semitones
fixed volume envelopes in some patches
changed speed/depth knob in the Noicesetter
fixed a bug in the random function script
fixed the resonance reset button knob
changed reset settings from all ADSR knobs
Generator layer are off when Volume is “0” (saves CPU)
several fixes and updates in manual


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