DelicateBeats – KING (KONTAKT)

By | August 20, 2022


Publisher: Delicate Beats

Description : King is the world’s first instrument that reproduces bass phrases. Program any chords and professional bass virtuoso additions that can rock your grooves. Most phrase-based instruments do not allow you to play a particular loop or phrase on different keys until you switch those keys. We are changing the game. Play chord progressions. Find the right bass grooves.
We have carefully analyzed the DNA of some of the most famous folk and hip-hop baselines of all time. This means you have the classic grooves BUT now you can “play” them in the key of your song. And mix them the way you like to give them a truly modern sound.

The user interface and effects are fully developed for the samples of the library. This means that we have carefully set the effect controls to optimize your bass mixing efforts. Just turn the knob and get an instant bass boost.

Looking for a modern EDM sound with sidechain compression? Just turn it on! Need trendy wobble filtering? We have foreseen this too. With our simple modulators, you can instantly add rhythm and movement to your bass sequences.

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