Bolder Sounds – BOB World Music (KONTAKT)

By | September 2, 2022


Manufacturer: Bolder Sounds
Website: _
Format: nki
Quality: 16 bit Frequency 44.1 kHz Stereo channels

Description : A collection of ethnic instruments – percussion, plucked and brass.
P.S. The set is not complete. For unknown reasons, Persian Drum Loops and Hits, Saz, South American Flutes, Tabla and Turkish Lute are missing.
Lakota Flutes

Additional Information :
A very versatile World music collection featuring percussion, plucked and wind instruments. Darbuka (Arab), Cavaquinho (Brazil), Didgeridoo (Australia), Duduk (Armenia), Kalimba (Africa), Lakota Flutes (Native American).
Cavaquinho – This is a small 4 stringed Brazilian guitar used in popular music such as samba, Choro and Bossa Nova as well as many other styles. Sampled with a flesh and nail attack of the finger. As I typically do……. there is a flesh program only, nail only and then a velocity switch program switching between the two. Also there is a Velocity cross fade program which subtly fade the over ring of the flesh attack into the nail attack. This creates a bit of chorusing effect which gives it a bit of a shimmering quality. This instrument is played both by strumming chords as well as playing single note melody lines.
Darbuka loops & hits at @ 106 bpm – Hits are mapped F1 – G#3, the loops are on keys C4 – D5 (white keys only).
Darbuka loops & hits at @ 113 bpm – This is the same drum as above with loops at 113 bpm. Single hits are mapped from F1 – G#3 as above, however the loops are mapped to keys E5 – A6 (white keys only).
Didgeridoo loops – I ve categorized these loops into 3 categories: smooth loops, rhythmic loops and barking loops. They are all first presented mapped across the keyboard at their original pitch. Then they are presented in their separate categories with various mappings. MW=mix programs use the modulation wheel to mix between different samples.
Duduk – The Mey is the Turkish name, Duduk the Armenian term. The essential feature of this wind instrument is a short cylindrical tube with 7 or more finger holes and one thumb hole coupled to a very large flattened grass reed, with some sort of adjustable bridle affixed to the reed. Several sizes are found, tube lengths ranging from 6 or 7 inches to over 16 inches. You ll recognize this instrument if you are familiar with Peter Gabriel’s Passion , the soundtrack to The Last Temptation of Christ. The program duduk no vibrato is a basic map of all the samples. Brighter Samples is a keymap of just the brighter sounding samples. This will give you a smoother sound but will actually be a bit less realistic to the instrument. Duduk vibrato is a keymap of all notes sample with vibrato, they are then combined into a velocity switch program between vibrato and non-vibrato articulations.
Kalimba – For this set I ve sampled the same kalimba (thumb piano) with both a dynamic microphone as well as a
condenser. These two versions are then combined into a velocity switch program.
Lakota Flutes – Here I ve sampled a big and a smaller Native American Lakota Flutes. Both flutes were recorded with and without vibrato. Switching between these two articulations is also programmed with by a velocity switch. There are a few samples labeled phrases (C2 – C3) – these are riffs and bends which you can insert into a sequence if they seem appropriate.

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