Adam Monroe Music – Electric Bass 1.3 (VSTi, AAX, AUi) [WIN.OSX x86 x64]

By | September 3, 2022


Year/Date of Issue: 17.01.2020
Version: 1.3
Developer: Adam Monroe Music
Developer site: adammonroemusic
Format: VSTi, AAX, AUi
Bit depth: 32bit, 64bit
Tabletka: cured
System requirements: OS X 10.9 or later(OS X Catalina compatible), latest DAW updates.
VST version 32-bit, AAX 64-bit, AU 32/64-bit.

Description : The Electric Bass was sampled from a Yamaha BB424x Electric Bass. The bass was modified so that individual pickups were connected to independent jacks, allowing for independent sampling of bridge and neck pickups. The volume and tone controls were bypassed, so resistors were installed in their place to minimize the “icy hit” sound. The pickups were then connected to separate active Radial 48 DIs and Grace 101 preamps to provide additional amplification.
Sampling started with recording 4 layers of velocity and RR. The sound of the bass strings retained its brightness and freshness. Almost all of the bass was sampled this way, but the results were unsatisfactory, so it was sampled from the start with 10 layers of velocity.
The notes were then violently attacked so that playing at low velocities produces a warm sound with a subtle attack, while notes at higher velocities become more punchy. Playing soft or hard, mixing neck and bridge pickups, and applying an EQ can produce different tones. However, the intention was to create a good-sounding “useful” bass that fits easily into the mix, and offer the user a standard bass that can serve as reference material for other bass libraries.
The Kontakt version of Adam Monroe’s Electric Bass is cross-platform and all programming and effects are handled through it.
The VST, Audio Unit and AAX versions include updated high performance algorithms that have been improved with each new virtual instrument released by Adam Monroe Music. For example, the buffering algorithm is double buffering and multithreading, which means high buffering performance even on slow computers.
The folders on Windows contain the archive required by the installer.

New in version :
The plugin now includes a drive knob, which adds built-in distortion and gain.
The plugin has also been updated to be OS X Catalina compatible.

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