Genera Studios – Epidemic (KONTAKT)

By | September 21, 2022


Publisher: Genera Studios
Website: Genera Studios
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description: Epidemic is our largest Kontakt library to date with the most powerful engine to date. At its core, Epidemic is a synthesizer with the ability to load up to 4 sounds out of 25 sounds – sound sources have been recorded from a collection of legendary digital and analog synthesizers.

Requirements: Native Instruments Kontakt v5.8.1+ or higher.

Additional Information :
The innovative Spin Controls allow you to control how the 4 sound sources select fade into one another, and each of the sounds has its own full suite of synthesizer controls making Epidemic an incredibly powerful tool for sound designers.
Perfect for ambient soundscapes, epic bass sounds, dynamic lead lines, and much more. This is truly a synth library that anyone can utilize.

……:::::: THE SPIN ENGINE ::::::……
The spin engine allows you to control how the 4 loaded sound sources ‘spin’ into each other. At its core this is done by loading a multi-LFO onto the volume control for each sound source, which allows you to control the wave-shape and the phase of each LFO.
By staggering the phases you can make the sounds ‘spin’ into one another to create a completely new evolving sound – this gives a seemingly infinite amount of possibilities, so you’ll never run out of ways to utilize the sounds. Combine this with the insane number of controls included in Epidemic and you have a true powerhouse of a Kontakt library.

……:::::: THE SOUNDS ::::::……
The raw sounds sampled for Epidemic were captured from the Genera Studios collection of digital and analog synthesizers. One notable synthesizer featured in Epidemic is a very popular digital analog-modeling synthesizer popular around the year 2,000 (i’m sure you can guess the one).
The sounds were captured as efficiently as possible, utilizing tritone sampling and choosing a perfect sample length to minimize the hard drive space required. Because of this efficient sampling the library is very fast, and we included the samples as wav files so you can easily use them outside the Spin Engine.

……:::::: Product Specifications ::::::……
• Format: Native Instruments Kontakt
• Load up to 4 sounds from the list of 25
• Individual LPF – HPF – ADSR – Filter ADSR – Saturation – Pan – Volume – Vibrato and Spin controls for each sound source!
• Spin Engine that controls how the sounds fade into each other
• Power modulation matrix with 2 LFO-s – each of which can be assigned to both Pan and LPF Cutoff controls for any of the 4 sound sources
• Global Delay – Reverb and LPF Controls
• 501 Samples
• 25 Sound Sources
• Over 110 snapshot presets
• Powerful one-page GUI with innovative spin controls
• Recorded at 24-Bit and 48kHz
• PC & Mac Compatible
• Requirements: Native Instruments Kontakt v5.8.1+ or higher.

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