Audio Imperia – JAEGER v1.3.0 (KONTAKT)

By | September 30, 2022


Publisher: Audio Empire
Website: audioimperia
Format: KONTAKT 6.1.1+
Quality: 24bit 48kHz stereo

Description: JAEGER comes from the German word Jäger, which means “Hunter”. This is the first release in a series of orchestral instruments that will open a new era of modern cinematic music for you. As composers, we are constantly chasing new creative sparks, but our short deadlines don’t always allow us to catch inspiration. You just need to put your fingers on the keys and let the music play.
As always, we’ve added more to the library than you’d normally expect. The orchestral sections are complemented by processed percussion mixes, an extensive sound design section, and most importantly, an incredibly unique vocal section featuring world-famous vocalist Merethe Soltvedt.

Characteristics :
Legato (Aah, Ooh, Mmm)
Sustained (Aah, Ooh, Mmm)
Riser Scales (Major/Minor and Soft/Loud)
Phrases (Major/Minor and Soft/Loud)

Content :
– Hits by Joshua Crispin aka Generdyn
– Braaams ​​and Drones by Paul Ortiz
– Braaams, Hits and SFX by Bryan Leach
Hangar I: Strings- 16 Violins
– 10 Violas
– 6 cells
– 4 basses
Hangar II: Brass-3 Trumpets
– 6 Horns
– 2 Tenor & 2 Bass Trombones
– 2 tubas
Hangar III: Percussion- Gran Cassa Ensemble
– Taikos (Small, Medium, Large)
– Concert Tom Ensemble (Small, Large)
– Concert Snare Ensemble (Small, Large)
-Stick Ensemble
– Tam Tam
– Piatti

New in version
1.3.0 – 2020-08-19
ADDED Improvement
Jaeger is now based on our new Kontakt engine Pyramid

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