Plugin Alliance & Unfiltered Audio – SILO 1.0.1 (VST, VST3, AU) [OSX]

By | December 1, 2022


Year of issue: 08/20/2021
Version: 1.0.1
Developer: Plugin Alliance & Unfiltered Audio
Developer site: plugin-alliance
Platform: Intel only
Interface language: English
Tablet: replacement files | SPTNDC
System requirements: Intel CPU only (minimum 2 GHz recommended), macOS 10.9 through 11, Memory: 2 GB RAM

Description : The Unfiltered Audio Silo plugin breaks your sound into tiny fragments, adds reverb on top of them and thus creates moving textures that can be fully controlled in three-dimensional space.

Unfiltered Audio has expanded its portfolio of experimental sound design-focused plugins with Silo.

Silo is a new granular reverb with advanced sound processing features. At the heart of the Silo are four sections through which the signal is transmitted: granulator, spacer, reverb and output. The granulator section breaks up incoming sounds into short chunks of audio, also known as grains. You can adjust the size, shape, speed, pitch and spread of the grains. It also allows you to reverse them and them individually, using automatic rules to create reverb effects. The granulator section also includes buffer size settings and a mask function.

This gets even more interesting in the Spatializer, where the grains can be set in 3D motion using a variety of algorithms (comets, moons, meteors, stars, and twinkling). Once activated, you will hear your sounds swirl around you with depth, intrigue and specialization. It’s like a multi-dimensional automatic grain panner. Then you have a reverb section with various tones, mix settings, level controls and filters. In addition, you have an outlet section with a compressor and a dry/wet section.

A nice addition is the ability to enable / disable a separate section. So you can use the granulator, spacer and reverb separately. Silo comes with a library of presets from professional mixers and sound engineers such as Richard Devine.

Granular reverbs can always inspire as they enrich the reverb game with new facets. It’s the same with Silo. First of all, the ability to move grains around in 3D space can be very tempting.

New in version :
Version 1.0.1 (Aug 20, 2021)
• fixed: crashing Cubase 11 when moving to another slot.
• fixed: crashing Pro Tools during stress test (mono).

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