Rhythmic Robot – Platter (KONTAKT)

By | December 7, 2022


Publisher: Rhythmic Robot
Website: rhythmicrobot
Format: KONTAKT FULL (K’ed) 4.2.4+
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: A unique time-warped optigan/string hybrid!
“Maybe this is the weirdest RR tool… for fans of the weird and dusty, this is a must”
Computer Music Magazine
Vinyl-based 3-oscillator synthesizer with switchable 1960s or 1910s waveforms and 35 preset patches • Adjustable stylus drop and background crackle sounds for 78 RPM authenticity. • Recall the aura of the Birotron, Optigan and other playback instruments from the Mellotron era.
Arguably our roughest and most unpolished instrument to date, the Platter is a string synth hybrid of sorts, taking many synth waveforms as a starting point, but reimagining them as built into a vinyl-based playback machine. If Solina and Optigan were left in the attic for fifty years and had children, it might sound like this…
The basic premise is pretty simple: we took a lot of synthesized waveforms, but with a big lean towards the string-synth end of the spectrum, and put them on dubplates at our local LP workshop. We deliberately didn’t go the standard saw, sine, square route for this; instead, there are a couple of “core synths” as well as a set of more orchestral sounds taken from older string synths and other more complex instruments. So instead of choosing “Pulse” or “Saw”, you have things like “Symphonic”, “Baroque”, “Choral” and “Elegiac”. Don’t know how it will sound? Try it and see

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