uJAM – Virtual Pianist Vogue (VSTi, AAX) [WiN x64]

By | January 7, 2023


Release Year/Date : 11/21/22
Developer : uJam
Developer Site : uJam
Format : VSTi, AAX
Bit depth : 64bit
Tablet : cured (CE/VR)
System requirements : WIN 10+

Description :
Dazzling, charismatic and irresistible
Piano is a diva among pop instruments! Like nothing else, he breathes grandiosity and glamor into any production. So important, so beautiful and so hard to master. Don’t worry anymore! Here comes Virtual Pianist VOGUE, the smart way to create realistic piano performances. Create stunning results while staying in the flow – no piano skills required.

• 30 styles with 180 phrases and 150 fills and fills.
• 30 finisher modes with multi-effects and 30 preset Ambience FX.
• Over 130 global presets for various applications.
• MIDI Drag & Drop, resizable user interface.

Addition to the group :
VOGUE is a professional session musician well versed in contemporary musical styles. This virtual musician can create rhythm tracks as part of a band, accompany singers and instrumentalists, or perform simple yet engaging solo passages and instrumentals. Just choose from 30 styles, activate phrases and customize them to your liking.
Groove operator :
From Elton John to Alicia Keys, the great artists of all eras have known how to use the magic of eighty-eight keys. Easily turn your idea into a great-sounding piece of music. Under your control and serves your creativity. Great if you’re an experienced pianist and looking for inspiration for quick sketching. Even better if you can’t play the piano…because now you can!
Impeccable quality :
VOGUE is first and foremost a modern and beautifully crafted grand piano. It is based on the legendary Austrian concert grand piano, the benchmark for studio and stage sound. The tuning and tuning has been adapted for pop and rock music. It’s punchy and crunchy, with a pristine, rich sound and great dynamics, VOGUE can hold its own in a band.
Great Listening :
VOGUE’s sonic aesthetic perfectly complements everything from soft ballad arpeggios to loud rock beats. We have developed a range of sounds and mixes for every contemporary musical style.
One Finger Fun :
Realistic piano tracks are hard to find. With VOGUE it’s fast and easy. Play freely in Instrument mode or let VOGUE play for you in Player mode.

Features at a glance :

VOGUE is the perfect complement to Virtual Bassist ROYAL and Virtual Drummer SOLID with its stellar power.
Character :
Easily switch between different aesthetics for any occasion. Choose your character preset, from soft intimate sensual ballads to vibrant 90s house beats. Together with piano-optimized finisher modes, this creates a huge palette of perfectly engineered piano sounds.
Play in Key :
Set the key of your VOGUE song to unlock its full potential. The player mode will play more varied and individual phrases and harmonies with a range of keys.

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