LennarDigital – Sylenth1 v3.0.73 – R2R (VSTi, VSTi3, AAX) [WiN x64]

By | January 17, 2023


Year/Date of Issue: 12/12/22
Developer: LennarDigital
Developer site: LennarDigital
Format: VSTi, VSTi3, AAX
Bit depth: 64bit
Tabletka: Present [R2R]
System requirements: WIN 7+

Description :
Sylenth1 is a VSTi virtual analog synthesizer that takes the definition of quality and performance to a higher level. Until now, only very few software synthesizers have been able to match the sound quality standards of hardware synthesizers. Sylenth1 is the one that does it.
Sylenth1 is not just another synthesizer. It was built from the point of view of the manufacturer. It was created to reproduce the highest quality sound and music. It was made to perform. Much research has been invested to achieve an unheard-of warmth and clarity. The graphical interface provides the highest level of usability so you can unleash your creativity.
Main characteristics

At its core, Sylenth1 contains 4 non-aliased unison oscillators that generate analog waveforms. Each oscillator is capable of producing 8 unison voices in full stereo, for a total of 32 voices per note. With 16-note polyphony, you can play up to 512 voices at the same time! The oscillators work very well in both very low (down to 0.01 Hz and below!) and very high (up to half the sample rate) frequency ranges without losing their sharpness, liveliness or character. This makes them well suited to all kinds of sounds, from the deepest basses imaginable to the highest crystal clear bells.

In addition, there are 2 ultra-modern filter sections with a pure analog sound. Each consists of 4 non-linear saturation filter stages to mimic the warmth and drive of a real analog filter. The resonance control can be raised to well above self-oscillation, and combined with drive control, this allows the filters to SCREAM! Where many digital filters sound like they’re made of cheap plastic, these filters sound solid, warm, and damp.

Sylenth offers a variety of modulation options, allowing you to sculpt your sound the way you like it. There are 2 ADSR envelopes and 2 LFOs that can be used to modulate a whole host of different parameters. In addition, 2 additional amplitude envelopes, velocity, keyboard track or modulation wheel can be used as a modulation source.

Effect Master:
The final part of this synth is the master effects section. A set of 7 professional quality sound effects and an arpeggiator conveniently grouped into an LCD panel structure.
Arpeggiator – 10 different melodic modes, built-in step sequencer with adjustable pitch, speed and hold settings. Outputs Step Velocity as the modulation source.
Distortion – Five different types of distortion (overdrive, foldback, clip, decimator and bitcrusher) in full stereo, uses 4x oversampling to minimize aliasing artifacts.
Phaser – 6-stage stereo phaser with 2x oversampling, built-in LFO, feedback and adjustable frequency extension.
Chorus/Flanger – 4-stage stereo chorus with 2x oversampling, adjustable delay, depth, speed and feedback for flanger effects.
Equalizer – adjustment of low and high frequencies in frequency and gain.
Delay – Delay module with low and high pass filters, unique echo smearing, ping pong mode with stereo expansion, independent left and right channel delay, and configurable stereo width.
Reverb – Smooth reverb with adjustable pre-delay, damping, stereo size and width.
Compressor – A stereo compressor with attack, release, threshold and ratio settings that can be used to increase the punch, drive, warmth and analog feel of your sounds.

-With all the features and processing power mentioned above, you can expect this synthesizer to instantly load even the fastest processor, especially given the high sound quality of each individual voice and effect. Well, one of the many advantages of this synth is that it doesn’t work. It uses highly optimized code and SSE instructions to keep CPU usage to a minimum. It will also automatically disable all unused parts to save extra CPU time. This allows you to create pure high-quality sound using only minimal system resources.

List of changes History :
v3.073 – December 10, 2022
Fixed a bug in the noise generator.
Fixed bug with midi link of pitch wheel.
Fixed a bug in the activation window.
Added support for Studio One .preset files.
Larger scales have been added to the skin size menu.
Allows an empty DefaultBank string in settings file.v3.072 – November 9, 2022
Includes native ARM support for M1/M2 Macs.
Includes VST3 version.
Resolves issues with AAX in Pro Tools 2022.9+ on Mac.
Resampling crash bug fixed.
Added oscillator drift emulation (oscdrift in Settings.xml).
Added MidiLearn for PitchBend.
Added support for .vstpreset and .fst preset files (drag and drop).
Improved GUI framerate on macOS.
Fixes FL Studio keypress issues with separate windows.
Fixed a graphical bug in FL Studio in bridge mode.
Fixes a file signature error.
Fixed issues with modal popups.
Fixed issues with initial scaling.
Added GUI scaling check (Windows).
Support for the 32-bit version for macOS has been dropped.
The minimum required version of macOS is 10.9.

Note R2R
VST3 and AAX in the previous version v3.072 release time bombs. VST2 is working.
We misunderstood one part of the protection: All formats and versions Sylenth1 checks for a different position in the license extra piece.
We think it’s a waste of time adding 256 patterns to the keygen for extra chunks, we decided to bypass the check instead.
So enjoy this working version!

Registration process

TURN OFF THE INTERNET0. Uninstall previous versions.
Optional cleanup: Delete hidden “Appdata” folder in C:ProgramData folder.

1. Install Sylenth1.
Run “Batch_Install.cmd” as administrator.
*** R2R don’t change system settings covertly ***

2. Block access to the following hosts.
It calls home when you try to activate or check for updates.

3. Run our keygen.
Copy the serial code.

4. Start Sylenth1.
Asks to activate.
Enter serial code. Click OK.
You will get an internet connection error.
Select “Offline” to start offline authentication.
Click “Save Activation File” to save “Activate.dat”.
Click “Close” after saving the *.dat file.

4. Enter your name and click “Generate” in our keygen.
Open the “Activate.dat” you saved earlier.
After that, the license file “License.dat” will be generated.
Save it to your hard drive.

5. Drag the license file to the Sylenth1 GUI.
Sylenth1 will be activated after restart.

6. Enjoy!

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