SongWish – reMIDI 2 v2.0.5 (VSTi, VSTi3, AU) [WiN.OSX x64]

By | February 2, 2023


Year/Date of Issue: 08/12/22
Developer: SongWish
Developer website: Songwish
Format: VSTi, VSTi3, AU
Bit depth: 64bit
Tabletka: cured [MOCHA]
System requirements: WIN7+ macOS 10.7+

Description :
MIDI sampling is finally here
Introducing reMIDI 2, the sequel to reMIDI that takes MIDI sampling to the next level with new features. reMIDI 2 is a MIDI effect plug-in that samples musical notes from MIDI files, allowing you to quickly locate, slice, move keys, and time-stretch samples and map them to a controller.

reMIDI 2 is a plug-in instrument capable of both MIDI and audio output. A simple sine synth sound is built in for scratching, so you can quickly find a loop to export as a MIDI file entirely within it.
The idea is to run other instruments via reMIDI, and how this is configured depends on the DAW host. For VST hosts (such as Ableton Live), reMIDI is loaded as an instrument plug-in on a MIDI track, the output of which is sent to the second track (which hosts the target instrument) using the DAW’s routing system.

For Audio Unit hosts (such as Logic Pro), the included reMIDI_MFX MIDI effect plug-in is loaded instead. It is identical to regular reMIDI, but placed before the target instrument on the same track, outputting MIDI directly. This is by far the more elegant of the two approaches, although it only captures the raw trigger notes on the track, not the chords emitted by the plugin.
Each pad can be assigned its own selected slice from the MIDI file loaded into the pad. You can combine different MIDI files (for melody/drum MIDI) or record MIDI to pads from reMIDI MIDI I/O.

Now included with reMIDI 2: SW Jazz Complete MIDI Pack
The complete set contains over 1000 files in 11 volumes. Each volume contains 100 Jazz block chord progressions in MIDI format.

These MIDI files can be dragged and dropped into any DAW, but why not just use SongWish’s reMIDI 2, a VST MIDI sampler. reMIDI 2 can load these MIDI files with some handy features for playing and editing them.

You can animate these blocky chords with other MIDI utilities such as arpeggiators. Or start editing these jazz sequences in your favorite DAW by changing, adding/removing notes, or even changing the timing.

Functions :
· Samples from over 1700 complete songs with masterfully chosen chords, sequences and melodies.
· Go beyond robotic arpeggiators by triggering natural MIDI sequences.
· Use reMIDI 2 with any MIDI controller and create your own MIDI note bindings.
· Grid of 120 pads, which gives you 120 reMIDI effectively.
· Easily listen to automatically sampled MIDI snippets that loop perfectly with a single keystroke.
· Drag and drop sampled chords and sequences into your DAW.
· Easily work with MIDI without using a piano/note editor.
· Trust the musical wisdom of master composers – they offer timeless hooks, motifs, themes and variations – all waiting to be discovered through sampling.
More than 150 composers (Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart, Gershwin, etc.)
8 different genres (Baroque, Classical, Folk, Anthem, Jazz, March, Renaissance and Romance)
· Save your own sample sets to the preset bank for later use.
· Easily halve the tempo or multiply it by any factor while staying in sync with your DAW.
· Assign any VST/AU instrument to reMIDI to control your favorite synths.
· Once you find a loop or chord progression in a MIDI file, you can continue searching for variations in the same file or other files.
· Instantly transpose all notes for endless remix possibilities.
· No tedious manual slicing. Just set the start point and chunk size, and reMIDI will split the entire file into equal parts.
· Use multiple instances of reMIDI to create a complete group of virtual instruments (drums, bass, keyboards and solos). With this setup, you can control the whole group with just one finger!
· A built-in MIDI file browser makes it easy to instantly preview sections of full songs or MIDI loop packages. Find inspiration in the blink of an eye.
· Browse factory MIDI files containing hundreds of high-quality files organized by style and composer.
· Expand your MIDI library by adding your own organized files and folders to your favorites. Limitless selection!

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