Strezov Sampling – The Felt Seiler Pro (KONTAKT)

By | February 3, 2023


Publisher: Strezov Sampling
Quality: 24bit 48kHz stereo

Description: The contents of the library were recorded in Sofia Session Studio B using several closed microphones, which were later combined into one microphone position. Along with that, The Felt Seiler contains 3 more synth/sound design layers of your choice to help you shape your unique sound. We named these three layers based on the mood that seems closest to their sound: warmth, pain, and loneliness. For all three of them, you have the option to Clear (the ON/OFF button at the top of the volume slider), Solo, or Disable each of the layers.

In addition, you can adjust the stereo volume and width, as well as assign different outputs to each microphone position if necessary. We’ve also added a “reverse” option (a round button depicting an inverted “play” symbol) that allows you to play any of the sound design layers in reverse, adding even more options for creating different musical textures and colors.

In the center of the GUI, you will find the “Soft” and “Sustain” buttons. The Sustain button is linked by default to your piano’s sustain pedal, as you’d expect, and pressing it will play sustain samples. However, by clicking the button in the GUI, you will enable playback of all available sustain samples. We also tried the Felt Seiler with the Soft pedal pressed, and this mode can be activated by pressing the “Soft” button on the interface. This sound is quieter, even softer, because the dampers in the piano are closer to the strings, there is less vibration, which in turn gives a warmer and more gentle piano sound.

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