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By | March 4, 2023


Year of release : 22.02.2023
Version : 11.2.10 U2B
Developer : Ableton
Developer website :
Platform : Intel/Apple Silicon Universal
Interface language : English
Tablet : License file
System requirements : macOS 10.14

Description : Live is fast, flexible music creation and performance software. It comes with effects, instruments, sounds, and all sorts of creative features – everything you need to create any kind of music. Create in a traditional linear layout or improvise without timeline constraints in Live session mode. Switch freely between musical elements and play with ideas without stopping the music or breaking your flow.

Additional information :

11.2.10 Release Notes – New Features and Improvements

MIDI Capture
The sequence of attempts to capture MIDI will not depend on the tempo of the previous captured clips.
More material will be saved by Capture MIDI during transport playback.
When Live Transmission is stopped, Capture MIDI now requires a slightly longer gap to detect new phrases.
Clip Preview
Opening a sheet of notes in Live mode with the In key enabled now activates zoom mode for each clip (except for tracks containing drum racks). The zoom mode is switched using the Zoom button on the clip panel in clip view for MIDI clips.
Cloud Live
On the Cloud tab of the Live browser, the Date Modified column now appears as Modified Cloud.
The cloud login button has been expanded to match the translated texts.
When syncing sets, a download icon now appears next to the cloud shortcut.
After signing out of Cloud to Live on the Cloud Management tab in, the user account no longer shows an active session.
When migrating note sets to Live, the sets will now be visible in the Cloud shortcut in the Live browser. They will be grayed out until the sync is complete.
Control Surfaces
The Record button on ATOM, ATOM SQ and MiniLab 3 control surfaces will now record the view in the second window when it is in focus. Previously, it always recorded the view selected on the main screen in real time.
Added control surface support for AKAI APC Key 25 mk2 and APC Mini mk2.
Improved parameter mappings for hybrid reverb and phaser flanger in AKAI APC Key 25 mk2, APC Mini mk2 and Arturia MiniLab 3 control surfaces. Improved
parameter mappings for drum busses, hybrid reverb, phaser flanger and redux on Push and in AKAI FORCE control surfaces and Novation SL MkIII.
Device Enhancements
The Pitch MIDI effect UI has been slightly updated.
In audio and MIDI effects racks, chains are now automatically named based on which devices are added.
Various tutorials for viewing help have been updated.
Updated various software texts in English and Simplified Chinese.
Updated software texts for electrical device.
Updated the look and feel of the Record/Warp/Launch tab in Live Settings.
Added support for MIDI files with .midi extension.
When viewing search results in the Live Browser, plugins are now organized as expected when sorted by type.
The Follow button in the control bar is no longer hidden when multiple clips are selected in Compose mode.
When switching audio devices with the Use system device option enabled, Live no longer displays a dialog box about system devices if the device change does not affect the current device selection.
Maximum for live
Updated the complete assembly of Max to version 8.3.3. See the changelog here:
New access tool in C++, Python and Max for Live API allows users to directly access RackDevice chain selector in Max for Live instead of indexing in the options list.
Users can now access the full version string of Live (instead of just major, minor version numbers, and bug fixes) using the Max for Live API.
Two new properties in the Max for Live API allow users to track device latency in either samples or milliseconds.
A new property in the Max for Live API allows users to keep track of the number of macro controllers visible for a RackDevice.
Improved output sorting when calling getinfo on live.object by making the Rack chain selector a child property of RackDevice rather than a simple value property.
Updated LOM documentation to correctly reflect available values ​​when getting device type.
LiveAPI: Compressor input_routing_channel and input_routing_type parameters are now configurable.
Shifter properties are now available through Max for Live.
Updated some parameter names for the push reverb device 2.
The audio/video export dialog is now slightly larger to accommodate the translated texts.
When exporting multiple tracks, the ability to export video at once is now disabled in the Audio/Video Export dialog.
Added Use system device option to audio input/output settings in Live Sound Settings on macOS. Selecting Use system device will configure the real-time I/O device to match your macOS sound system settings.
If audio input or output on macOS is set to Use system device and the system audio device changes, Live’s audio engine will be disabled and a dialog box will appear. A dialog box will prompt you to either accept the changes made by the system or adjust the Live audio settings yourself.
Bug fixes

Ongoing Bug Fixes :
Two link-related bugs have been fixed:
Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Live to play inconsistently with peers when starting playback anywhere after the time signature was changed.
Fixed an issue where the Live replay title would move unpredictably when clicking in the clear area to jump to a replay in a section with a different temporary caption when the link was enabled.
Fixed an issue that disabled file synchronization between Live Browser and secondary disk volumes on macOS.
Fixed an issue in macOS where sometimes the Live UI would not update (and sometimes not scale correctly) after connecting or disconnecting an external monitor.
Fixed an issue that caused the minimum values ​​of AU plugin preset parameters to be loaded instead of their assigned values.
Fixed an issue where warning text in Live Audio Settings was incorrectly cut when the text became too long.
Fixed an issue where sometimes .als files saved in Collections would disappear from the list when using the Save Current Set or Collect All and Save commands from the File menu.
Fixed an issue where Live would sometimes fail to auto-update when an application was renamed to match the exact version number (e.g. “Ableton Live 11.2.5 Suite”) and then placed in a folder with the same name.
Fixed an issue where the blue mod dot would not appear next to the modulation sliders immediately after adding a mod envelope for it.
Fixed an error that occurred when dragging device chains containing external files (such as an LFO device) to a folder that does not exist in the user library. Previously, this created a completely new project folder, even if the Collect files on export option in the library settings was set to Ask or Never, and the dialog box that appeared when the file was moved was not set to copy it.
Fixed an issue where sets with emoji in their name remained in the Cloud tab in the Live browser even after deleting them from Cloud in Note.
Fixed an issue where Live would remain in sync with an external MIDI clock even when the corresponding MIDI port’s sync input was disabled.
Fixed an issue that occurred when renaming samples in selected drum rack pads that were outside of the displayed rack pad overview.
Fixed a crash on Windows that occurred when using the context menu [right click] to rename an audio/MIDI clip or locator when it had already been renamed. Now right-clicking a clip or locator while renaming it no longer opens the context menu.
Fixed a crash on macOS that would sometimes occur when selecting an audio output device in the Live audio settings and turning it off shortly after.
Fixed an issue that occurred when dragging a session clip from a source track, holding it over another track long enough to select it, and continuing to load it into the Live Browser.
Fixed a bug that caused disk overload when using MIDI notes with randomized velocities to play sampler presets in certain packages (e.g. Session Drums Club).
Fixed a bug in the MackieControl and MackieControl Classic Control Surface scenarios that prevented exclusive arming from working in some cases.
Fixed a bug in the MackieControl and MackieControl Classic Control Surface scripts where the Rec/Rdy LEDs could be in the wrong states when changing the track input type.
Fixed an issue where, under certain circumstances, the Velocity and Chance editor strips’ drawing mode would not work correctly when editing multiple clips.
Fixed an issue where, under certain circumstances, drawing ramps in the Rate and Odds Editor while editing multiple clips would incorrectly highlight the affected notes.
Fixed an issue where using the [ALT][Shift] keys to draw linear ramps in the Speed ​​and Odds Editor would display a range of values ​​instead of a fixed value.
Fixed an issue that caused the dropdown menus in Live Settings to disappear when releasing the first mouse click if the menu was clicked from the far left side.
Fixed an issue where clicking on an empty area below scenes on the main track would not select the main track.
Fixed an issue with samplers in Drum Rack pads that in rare cases would cause the disc to be overloaded.
Fixed two bugs related to emoji in Live:
Fixed an issue where set emoji names remained in the Cloud tab in the Live browser even after deleting them from Cloud in Note.
Fixed an issue on macOS where folders saved in the Places section of the Live Browser would not display any content if the folder name contained certain emojis.
Fixed an issue in Windows where the [ALT] copy modifier key combinations would not work after using the [F11] key combination to enter and exit full screen mode until you first press another key.
Previously, loading a gearshifter instance with the delay option enabled caused sync and pitch issues during playback.
Previously, crashes on macOS caused by a specific VST2 plug-in would open a Help View lesson that would display the name of the offending plug-in along with a few general troubleshooting tips. Due to changes to macOS crash reporting, this feature has been removed.
Previously, video export would fail when a garbled video clip contained a start or end marker before or after the end of the video.
Dragging or [Shift] – dragging a warp handle inside a video clip in the Live Video window now displays the video at the warp handle’s position.

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