SoundFingers – Heritage Organ 2 v2.0.0 (VSTi3, AU) [WiN.OSX x64]

By | March 21, 2023


Release Year/Date : 06.11.22
Developer : SoundFingers
Developer Website : SoundFingers
Format : VSTi3, AU
Bit depth : 64bit
Tablet : present [R2R]
System requirements : WIN 7+ macOS 10.7+

Description :
-Brand new tool from SoundFingers , The Heritage Organ is a unique instrument for all your productions. Designed for today’s productions, it offers a new way to create sound. For reggae, dub, funk, soul, blues, rock… For all genres where you need a great organ sound.

Characteristics :

The key to the Heritage Organ is the unique Tone Shifter engine. It only uses 3 controls to determine the timbre of the instrument. They control the Bass, Treble and Odd sections of the instrument, respectively. Each section uses multiple oscillators and you can change the tone and difficulty of each section.
You can also smoothly change the waveforms of the oscillators, from classic sine and complex tuned organ waves to electric/synthetic waveforms.
Since this is a synthetic instrument, you can change the waveforms of the various sections. You can select the number of voices you want to amplify the sound and detune the voices accordingly.
The master section allows you to saturate the sound with the Drive control, select the Cab and adjust its level to give your tone a different color, and adjust the instrument’s overall output volume.
You have access to a complete effects rack, including a specially designed rotary effect, phaser, speed-related LFO filters, EQ, delay and reverb.

New features v2.0 :

The internal sound engine has been redesigned and improved.
The instrument’s graphical interface has been redesigned and improved.
Now you can modify and transform the waveform of each section independently: choose between classic analog waveforms (sine, triangular, sawtooth and square) and a custom set of specially designed organ waveforms.
The range of each section can be “expanded” for a wider palette of sounds.
The level of each department of the organ can be adjusted.
The Cab module has been completely redesigned.
The Drive module now offers 3 different saturation algorithms (Soft, Medium, Hard).
You now have access to 3 different types of rotors. (FX)
The modulation system now includes the classic Rotary mode with Slow and Fast positions. (FX)
Added separate controls for vibrato/tremolo/rotor and chorus. (FX)
A convolutional reverb has also been added. Now you have access to 2 types of reverb (Digital and Convolutional). (FX)
Modulation parameters of various effects can now be linked to others…or not. (FX)

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