EdgeSounds – Native Russian 1 – REPACK (KONTAKT)

By | March 29, 2023


Publisher : edgesounds
Website : _www.edgesounds.com/Products/SoundLibraries/MultiFormat/NativeRussianVol1.aspx
Quality : 16 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description : Converted from AKAI format, a library of Russian folk instruments. Samples and scripts are packaged in a .nkx container. This is not the library that is presented on the manufacturer’s website for NI Kontakt. This library has scripts. (Albeit of its own production)

Content :
Accordion 1
Accordion 2
Accordion 3
Accordion 4
Accordion 5
Accordion 6
Balalaika Bass 1
Balalaika Bass 2
Balalaika Bass Slap & Flageolets
Balalaika Double Bass
Balalaika: 2-Layer Bank
Balalaika: Loops 1
Balalaika: Loops 2
Balalaika: Loops 3
Balalaika: Nylon Strings
Balalaika: Tremolo & Glissando
Balalaika: Tremolo Chords
Balalaika: Typical Chords
Bass Guitar
Bayan (7 banks)
Bayan: “Fagott” register
Bayan: “Regist” register
Bayan: “Tutti” register
Bayan: Bass-Manual Chords
Bayan: Sound Effects
Buben: Russian Tambourines of different types
Domra AltoTremolo
Domra Alto 1
Domra Alto 2
Domra Prima
Domra Prima
Drum Kit
Flute Cane
Flute Dirty
Flute Shepferd’s
Jalejka in A
Jalejka in C
Jalejka in C
Jalejka in F
Jalejka in F
Jalejka in G
Jaleyka AV
Jaleyka Full
Kugikla in A
Kugiklas in B, C and E
Kugiklas: Full Bank
Russian Harmoshka
Russian Harp
Russian Percussion & Sound Effects Kit 1
Russian Percussion & Sound Effects Kit 2
Ryumka (percussion instrument)
Svistulka Glissando
Toilet Bowl Sound
Tuvan Sitar
Typical Russian Whistle
Upright Piano “Siberia”

Additional Information
The library only works with NI Kontakt 5.2
Installation: Add to bookmarks using the ADD LIBRARY command.

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