Rankin Audio – Future Beats and RnB (WAV)

By | May 16, 2023

Publisher: Rankin Audio
Website: www.loopmasters.com
Format: WAV
Quality: 24 bit | 44.1 kHz | stereo

Description :
Rankin Audio is back again with another soulful kit drawing inspiration from a wide range of styles from RNB and Dubstep, Hip-Hop to Chill Trap, and artists such as Flume and Mr Carmack. As always, the kit contains everything you need to create a lively soulful bass music including burning chords, beautiful atmospheric loops, crunchy lo-fi plucks and lush developing pads that provide you with a wide range of moods and musical ideas.

Content :
24 bit quality
30 Bass Loops
30 Bass Oneshots
10 Chopped Vocals
9 Vocoded Vocals
85 Drum Hits
30 Drum Loops
30 Kick And Snare Loops
30 Top/Percussion Loops
17 Foley-FX
55 Music Loops
30 Music Oneshots
20 pads

Additional Information :
Taking influences from a wide range of music, from RNB to Garage, Soul and Substep, Future Beats is a style that covers anything modern yet soulful.
Pioneered by artists like Flying Lotus and Flume, and with labels like Future Classic pushing the sound, people having been kicking back and getting deep more than ever.
The pack contains everything you need to construct the most soulful of bass music. Musical loops including lush analogue-styled synth chords, wonky leads and soaring smooth pads provide the soundscape while the deep basses and driving drum tracks give it something to latch onto.
There’s also 85 drum hits from big claps, fizzy crashes, digital percussion and low-fi subby kicks. And to top it off and take everything just that little be further, we have included the proper secret spices for your future bass music: chopped vocals, vocoders, rhythmic textured foley loops and beautiful organic FX hits that will be the cherry on top of your deep beats.

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