Harrison Consoles – Harrison Mixbus 32C v9.0.1 – R2R [WiN x64]

By | May 25, 2023


Year/Date of Issue: 04.04.23
Developer: Harrison Consoles
Developer website: Harrison Consoles
Bit depth: 64bit
Tabletka: Present [R2R]
System requirements: WIN 7+

Description :
Hear the difference, see the difference:
Mixbus 32C is a full featured digital audio workstation,
improved Mixbus platform with accurate emulation of the original parametric
Harrison 32C 4-band deployable EQ and 4 additional stereo summing buses.
Mixbus32C provides professional level features to import or record an unlimited number of
audio or MIDI tracks to your computer; then editing, mixing and mastering your production.

What’s in v9?
The first major update to the Mixbus32C mixer since its inception 7 years ago: we have updated the sound, look and feel of the mixer page.
A new high-contrast design with an enhanced look and feel of a full-featured analog console strip.
The redesigned 32C EQ provides an even more faithful recreation of the original 1975 analog circuitry, with updated EQ curves and more accurate text representation of frequency and gain in the channel strip text display.
An updated full-featured compressor on every channel and in every mixbass provides all the sound and control you’d expect from a single compressor, while retaining the popular “mode” selection found in previous Mixbus versions. The new Emphasis control allows access to a more vintage character, allowing the compressor to respond faster to harsh sounds. The result is smoother mixes!
A new fully featured gate/expander lets you tame bleeding in your live tracks or add more expressive and dynamic articulation to pre-recorded loops and sounds.
The new “Drive” feature on each input channel strip can add harmonic density to bass and vocal tracks, helping them stand out in a rich mix.
The high pass filter on the “tone” EQ in mixbass allows you to filter groups of instruments and effects without having to visit every track in the group. Bass filtering helps keep your mixes clean and focused.
2 ribbon saturation colors are now provided for all 12 mixbasses, allowing you to choose from two different colors (“yellow” and “orange”), as well as the ability to completely disable the tape saturation by deactivating both buttons. The new “orange” mode provides a richer harmonic profile than the old tape saturation mode and retains more bass when used heavily.
The Master Bus compressor has been re-voiced to work with the final limiter. Instead of three modes, we now offer a carefully crafted master bus “glue” compressor with progressive gain, a new Emphasis knob, and an internal three-stage compression that follows track dynamics and flattens the mix.
The compressor’s gate and gain reduction are displayed next to the fader in an innovative push/pull reciprocal action that provides great “in-context” feedback without having to open any plug-ins or even the channelstrip element.
Mixbus now supports several additional buses (when defined by the VST3 plugin) and can create tracks with appropriate names. Mixbus informs the plug-in of the user’s configuration, and smart VST3 plug-ins can now adapt as the signal flow on the track changes.
v9 includes a FREE new multi-sampled multi-channel percussion instrument: “Blonde Bop” by AVL Drums!

Mixer Features :
Mixbus uses the precise DSP algorithms developed by Harrison for our world famous widescreen digital mixing consoles.
Mixbus also includes elements from Harrison’s rich history of analog development. Mixbus has been optimized to deliver classic Harrison sound.
A simple “what you see is what you get” mixer circuit based on the famous Harrison 32 and MR series music consoles.
Unlimited stereo or mono input channels (depending on available processor power) with EQ, filter, compressor,
gate/expander, tape drive, mixer bus sends, and pluggable controls on each channel.
As with a hardware mixer, DSP power for EQs and compressors is pre-allocated. Turning on the compressor or equalizer does not increase the load on the computer’s processor.
Dedicated stereo mixing buses (can be used for groups or auxiliary buses) with tone control, compression and tape saturation.
A stereo master that has tone control, compression, tape saturation and a final limiter.
A K-meter on the master output helps create dynamic, polished-sounding mixes.
The stereo correlation meter shows the mono compatibility of your mix.
Plugin delay compensation to support effects such as parallel compression.
Plug-ins can be placed before or after the fader in the channel strip’s signal flow.
The VCA faders allow you to freely group faders and mute/solo between channels. Multiple VCAs can be connected to any channel.
Spill buttons are provided on each mixbass and VCA to display only those tracks that have a signal.
The Monitor Section provides dedicated plug-ins, solo options, and speaker control functions.
The Foldback section provides unlimited Q-feeds for artist headphone mixes.
A comprehensive metering system with peaking, peak hold and compressor gain reduction is visible on every track and bus.
The motor has internal controls for brightness, tempo and gain, keeping the sound quality as close to analog as possible.

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