Strezov Sampling – ARVA Children Choir (KONTAKT)

By | May 22, 2024


Publisher: Strezov Sampling
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: Children’s choir
Being in development for more than 3 years the final chapter of Strezov Sampling’s Next Generation Choir Series is at hand. Starting with WOTAN, the lowest and probably most powerful men choir ever sampled and FREYJA the first sampled choir to focus on the beauty of the female voice, ÁRVA marks the first ever sampled children choir, which is more than just a bonus to the female and male sections.

Additional Information :
Separately recorded boys and girls choir ensembles
True Divisi recordings for boys and girls sections
Boys and Girls Soloists (available as a free update Q1 2017)
Polyphonic True Legato (Ah, Mm, Ooh, Mm-Ah, Mm-Ooh, Mm-Ooh-Ah) and Agile Legato (10 Syllables) for every divisi section of both ensembles
10 powerful syllables recorded within 2 dynamic layers + 1 “faux” dynamic layer to smooth out crossfading
Sustain (1xRR) and Staccato (2xRR) samples
3 mic positions – Close, Decca, Hall + custom convolution reverb
The powerful Syllabuilder engine 3.0 with CONNECT and MORPH modes that allow you to create your own sample content within Kontakt
Ability to Load and Save your lyrics, built-in preset manager
Fully compatible with Wotan and Freyja
Integrated manual

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