Big Fish Audio – Flamenco Made in Spain (WAV)

By | May 29, 2024


Manufacturer: Big Fish Audio
Website: Big Fish Audio
Format: Wav
Quality: 16 bit Frequency 44.1 kHz Channels stereo

Description: Big Fish Audio Flamenco Made in Spain was recorded at one of the most famous recording companies in Madrid. Here you will find Flamenco guitar – loops and phrases, Flamenco guitar – effects, Flamenco guitar single notes, Vocal phrases, Bongo loops, Bongo effects, Bongo hits, cajon hits, tacona and castanets. A huge number of different rhythms evoke in your imagination a unique image of traditional Spanish dances in the Flamenco style. Experience all the poignancy and drama of Spanish dance by listening to this disc.

Content :
65 Wav Tracks

Authenticity! Authenticity! Authenticity! That’s exactly what you get with this audio CD. Recorded by top producers in Madrid, you get everything you need to faithfully reproduce an entire Flamenco ensemble– Flamenco guitar loop phrases, Flamenco guitar FX, individual Flamenco guitar notes, vocal phrases, bongo loops, bongo FX, bongo hits, cajon hits, tacona, palmas and (of course) castanets. So many tempos provide a wide mood of a traditional Flamenco dances. Experience dramatic tempos and rock solid rhythm section loops that will turn your blood to Sangria!

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