UAD – Realverb Pro (WAV)

By | May 30, 2024


Year of manufacture: 2009
Developer: Uad
Format: Wav (16 bit, 44100Hz)
Origin: Black Market
System requirements: Pulse reverb.

Description: Impulses producing high quality reverberation, belonging to the “Realverb Pro” reverb from UAD.

List of presets :
Acoustic Guitar
Apartment Living
Big Ambience
Big Bright Hall
Big Cement Room
Big Empty Stadium
Big Snare
Big Warm Hall
Dark Ambience
Drums in a Vat
Far Away Source
Ghost Voice
Hairy Snare
High Ceiling_Room
Jazz Club
Large Bathroom
Large Dark_Hall
Long Tube
Medium Drum_Room
Nice Vocal_1
Nice Vocal_2
Slap Back
Small Bright_Room
Small Dark_Room
Sparkling Hall
Tight Spaces
Wooden Hall

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