Sugar Bytes – DrumComputer 1.3.3b2024 Rev1 – TCD (STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi3, AAX) [WiN x64]

By | May 31, 2024


Year/Date of Issue: 05.2024
Version: 1.3.3b2024
Developer: Sugar Bytes
Developer website: Sugar Bytes
Format: Standalone, VST, VST3, AAX
Bit depth: 64bit
Tablet: cured (TCD)
System requirements: Windows 7 or higher

Description :
DrumComputer is the new synthetic drum specialist, combining classic and modern synthesis with flexible modulations and luxurious sequencing.
Intelligent randomizers, elegant pattern editing, and importing your own samples are just some of the incredible features.
Enjoy new drums every day and be inspired by the creativity that DrumComputer gives you.

Add. information :

According to the developers, the functionality of the plugin makes DrumComputer one of the most productive virtual drum machines on the market, whose sound is suitable for any style of music. The plugin is equipped with eight independent sound engines that work with their own channels. The user can choose one of three synthesis layers for each engine: Resonator, Resynth and Wavetable.

Thanks to eight engines with three layers, the plugin is capable of generating an incredibly wide range of drum sounds. Depending on the settings, the drum machine produces a variety of signals: classic analog drums, strange noises and atmospheric percussion sounds. After generation inside the engine, the signals are collected in the built-in mixer – this approach produces a truly unique result at the output.

In addition to combining sounds at the output of the plugin, users have access to a section of effects and processing before the final sound of the drum machine is formed. So the signal can be processed by two envelope generators with their own flexible routing settings, passed through built-in filters and compressors. In addition to this, the DrumComputer is equipped with distortion and two types of reverb. At the end of the effects chain there is also a Finalizer combo processing that combines a compressor, maximizer, saturator and transient shaper. According to the developers, the finalizer gives the drums more attack and makes the virtual room “breathe.”

Despite the wealth of possibilities, the main feature of Sugar Bytes DrumComputer is the built-in randomizer. Thanks to a wide selection of combinations of effect settings, layers and parameters, the randomizer creates new interesting sounds and entire drum kits every time, which are almost never repeated. Moreover, the module can not only generate sounds, but also come up with unusual and interesting patterns, sequences, fills and entire tracks. The generation speed is instantaneous, and the generated information can be instantly uploaded to a DAW track as a MIDI region by simply dragging and dropping. The end result is an almost endless source of inspiration.

As for the sequencer, the module offers users 16 steps to create patterns. Each step can be set with its own parameters for tempo, direction of movement and duration. Additionally, each pattern can be associated with randomization and modulation modules, which, again, brings us back to an endless variety of interesting and unusual-sounding drum parts.

• 8 sound engines, each including Resonator, Wavetable/Analogue Oscillator and Resynth/Sampler
• Filter, compressor, overdrive and 2 types of reverb: room and hall
• 2x Env/LFO, plus synth modulators, sequencer-modulators, ModMatrix
• Intelligent randomizers for endless drum sounds
• 16 step sequencer and pattern generator, probability, throws, +/- step delay, swing, humanization
• Auto and manual mixing/filling
• Easy keyboard display of patterns, mutes and engine triggers
• Key zones for Rolls, Pitch and Modulation
• Drag and drop MIDI files
• Multiple audio/MIDI outputs


x64: SAL, AAX, VST3, VST2 | x86: JBridge
Just install! Same AppID as previous release.
Rock on! -TCD
You might be wondering why there is a re-release.
Fair enough. Firstly, the binaries (to start compared to
last year original binaries to start, comparing apples to
apples) are larger slightly. In addition, the (new release) binaries
do not rely on the registry in any way whatsoever,
strictly with respect to authentication, in this aspect.
The registry is still used for folder location lookups,
Native Instruments’ stuff (if installed to begin with –
don’t, if you don’t use it!) and this sort of thing.

Although beyond for sure no doubt about it, this installer
overall for various reasons (manuals even compressed this time,
icons added for various places) is better than last year’s

– we can treat it as another step forward
in ensuring smooth updates for Sugar Bytes’ plugs. This should
prove less troublesome on more machines for more installers
for more scenarios, overall. As always, if you feel there is
an issue or something can be made better, the e-mail address
is [email protected] – don’t forget to rock on!

You should find that even your preset, user preset
and other similar paths are set well automatically – yes,
even on a target machine that has never seen any Sugar Bytes

Placeholder .gitignore files have been removed from the
install library source as well as that they will be removed
from your library if they already exist on your system. Long
and short of it: You should find no .gitignore files in your
library, or user library, when done.

Consider it v1.3.3b2024 or something like that. As above,
rock on!

Finally (hey, you didn’t have to read as nothing in here is mandatory
to make the install work – this is for the geeks that like this shit –
if you don’t then keep-a you eyes to self!!!!! hahahahah) –

the .dll of the Program Files main install folder where .exe is,
is the same exact one in VST2 plugin folder. You can symlink replace
one of them after deleting, if so inclined. If you did so already,
don’t forget to rename the symlink temporarily while installing, so you don’t
have to make it again!

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