Wrongtools – Fjordheim Drums (KONTAKT)

By | May 31, 2024


Publisher: Wrongtools
Website: wrongtools.com
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo
Requires full version of Kontakt 6.7.1+

Description: Fjordheim Drums is a realistic-sounding vintage drum kit. Bring life to your rhythm section and midi grooves in a wide range of music genres.
Experience the combination of over 20 years of drum recording experience, a world-class drummer, superb acoustics and cutting-edge sampling technology.
Rogers Holiday set from 1968, recorded using a collection of vintage microphones and tapes, Neve and Trident preamps.
Vintage drum kit recorded in an 80 m2 recording studio with one of Norway’s most famous drummers, BΓΈrge Fjordheim.
The patches include two different proprietary effects: MPC BEAT and AMPEX601. They sound great on their own, but add a very cool edge when mixed with other signals.
With tons of dynamic layers, options, RR variations, and mic placements, this set is easy to make sound great in any style, probably with any beat.
The microphone placement and recording chain were fine-tuned over ten years of recording drums in this room.
Built-in channel strips in the track mixer allow you to dial in the desired sound and route signals to individual DAW tracks.

Brush Set
Mallet Set
Sticks set
Drum rolls set
Cymbal roll set
Bowed cymbals set
Chain on Drums
Bonus High-Quality IR pack
3 Mic positions
2 FXs lines (MPC2000 + Apex 601)
Advanced channel strips controls
Open-Close Hi-hat script
Output routing capabilities
Upto 8 velocity layers
Round Robins

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