Plugin Alliance – Bettermaker BM60 v1.0.0 – BUBBiX & MORiA (VST, VST3, AAX, AU) [WIN.OSX x64]

By | June 14, 2024


Year/Date of Issue: 05/21/2024
Version: v1.0.0
Developer: Plugin Alliance
Developer website: Plugin Alliance
Bit depth: 64bit
Tablet: Cured
System requirements: Windows 10+|macOS 11+
80’s digital reverb studio sound

Iconic digital reverb – lush, expansive and rich
Digital reverb is the sound of the 80s that still resonates today. From the greatest tracks by Prince, Kate Bush and Phil Collins
to modern classics by John Mayer, Lorde and Taylor Swift. Bettermaker BM60 is a digital reverb for the modern
a mixing engineer who accurately captures the studio sound of the era, with its warmth and richness,
in a convenient and easy to use plugin – for you and your processor.

Popular reverb algorithm from the 80s
The BM60 is created using a hardware digital reverb algorithm that is widely used in high-end studios.
It is appreciated for its warm and rich sound. Get those vintage tones in your DAW with enhanced audio quality thanks to DSP (digital signal processing).

Fast and versatile reverb capabilities
Get the right room and plate reverb for your tracks with simple and effective controls,
which allow you to quickly and happily adjust room size, dispersion, damping and modulation.
Create the texture and tone of your reverb without losing the warmth and clarity that makes this digital reverb so iconic.

Infuse every track with 80’s studio sound
The Bettermaker BM60 is great for adding richness, color and atmosphere to individual tracks, especially drums, vocals and guitars.
Its ultra-low CPU usage makes it easy to use throughout your entire session. This is what anyone who wants to revive the spirit of the 80s needs.
The BM60 will instantly add an ’80s touch to your mix, from subtle aromas to rich reverb that’s just begging to come out.

Extended capabilities
Advanced capabilities go beyond the capabilities of the original equipment, including dynamic room simulation,
variable density plate reverb and convolution reverb module with an extensive library of captured acoustic spaces
and presets. The Bettermaker BM60 is a warm, clear and colorful reverb with the perfect combination of instant vibration and customizable parameters.

Possibilities :
• Algorithm from legendary digital reverb hardware of the 80s is reborn
• Room and plate reverb
• Ultra-low CPU usage for widespread use across multiple tracks without overloading system resources
• Widely customizable reverberation parameters including time, length, contour, bass and treble,
preview, monotony, width and dive
• Dynamic room simulation
• Variable Density Plate Reverb
• Rolling reverb with captured space library

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