Nine Volt Audio – Action Drums: Cinematic Edition (AIF, NKI, NKM, REX2, RMX, WAV)

By | June 23, 2024


Manufacturer: Nine Volt Audio
Format: AIF, NKI, NKM, RX2, RMX, WAV
Quality: 24 bit Frequency 44.1 kHz Channels stereo

Action Drums: Cinematic Edition – a modular library of loops that combines acoustic ones. Action Drums: Cinematic Edition allows users to easily mix different parts to create their own rhythmic layers. Ideal for use in soundtracks of films, games, trailers, and other musical genres.

Action Drums: Cinematic Edition is a dynamic collection of performances designed to fill the percussive needs of motion picture, television, video game and production music.
Recorded in a concert hall, Action Drums: Cinematic Edition mixes close and distant microphone positions of soloists and ensembles to create natural recordings that range from subtle and understated, to ethnic and exotic, to high-powered and relentless.
A wide range of instruments were used including concert toms, concert bass drums, shime-daikos, surdos, djembes, batas, talking drum, udu, tabla, congas, small percussion and more.
And as part of Nine Volt Audio’s BPM Flex Series™, musicians can be assured that any of the REX-based loops can be used at a huge range of tempos (supported by Stylus RMX, Reason, Kontakt and most sequencers). Apple Loop and Acid Wav users will also find an extended range available since every full mix loop is presented at two different tempos.
Versatile, expressive and inspiring, Action Drums: Cinematic Edition is a worthy resource for any composer writing for visual media.

– Action Drums: Cinematic Edition contains 850 loops in the REX2, Stylus RMX, Kontakt, Apple Loop and ACIDized Wav formats. Uncompressed .wav file content is 1.84 GB.
– Nearly 200 single and ensemble hits are included for endings, breaks and dramatic impacts; plus an additional 20 unique one shots (bowed gong, metallic impacts, cymbal rolls, etc.)
– Action Drums: Cinematic Edition is organized into 12 “Beat Themes”. Each Beat Theme contains between six and 26 full mix loops (152 total), as well as the individual parts used to make the full mixes (698 loops). This allows the user to easily edit and mix-and-match parts to create custom passages.
– Action Drums: Cinematic Edition contains Beat Themes in time signatures 4/4, 3/4 and 6/8 and covers a tempo range of 90-170 BPM.
– Action Drums Cinematic Edition does not require the user to convert the library using RMX’s SAGE Converter. Simply decompress the files and drag-and-drop “Action Drums Cinematic Ed” folder into RMX’s “User Libraries” folder. Although it’s quick and easy, we supply visual instructions in the .pdf.
– Action Drums: Cinematic Edition includes 304 Stylus RMX multi presets that allow the user to pull up full mixes of individual loop parts for quick and easy customization of the mix. Presets are presented in both single and multi-channel versions.
– Suggested tempos have been given to each suite, but as part of the BPM Flex Series™, every loop can be used at an unusually large tempo range while retaining their feel and groove (not applicable to the ACID wav and Apple Loop files).
– Full mix loop performances are offered at two different tempos for the ACIDized Wav and Apple Loop formats for an additional 152 loops.
– Compatible with full retail versions of Native Instruments’ Kontakt 4.2.3 and up. The free Kontakt Player will not work with this collection.

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