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Hobby Horse Productions – Drums on Demand Vol.12: Contemporary Country (WAV)

By | November 28, 2016

Filled with 1.8 gigs of pure songwritng inspiration, Contemporary Country features 1800 loops and hits in 24 super deep Song Sets® — our deepest volume ever! You’ll find everything from classic ballads, to train grooves (paddle balls), to shuffles, as well popular four-on-the floors. Plus, there are lots of crossover grooves; pop/rock style grooves so prevalent on today’s… Read More »

Hobby Horse Productions – Drums on Demand Vol.04: Country & Crossover (WAV)

By | November 28, 2016

Country & Crossover features a versatile combination of contempory and traditional country as well as crossover pop/rock drumming in 30 Songs Sets™ — featuring more than 660 loops and segments. Like all of our products, Country & Crossover is organized using our patent-pending Song Set™ system, with each Song Set featuring as many as 34 verse, chorus, fill,… Read More »