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FM8 Tutorials – Dubstep Sound Design Course with FM8 [ENG]

By | March 29, 2017

There are many different synthesizers that you can use to create Dubstep. Synthesizer FM8 allows you to create better dubstep sounds with only half the effort. In other synthesizers you need to make a lot of fine tuning, filtering and adjustments to get something interesting. With the FM8 synthesizer, you can create new and interesting sounds within a… Read More »

MacProVideo – Native Instruments 306 | Massive: Dubstep Sound Design [ENG]

By | December 27, 2016

Native Instruments’ Massive is the go-to synth for getting that deep and dirty Dubstep sound. See how award-winning synthesist/producer Rishabh Rajan programs this awesome soft-synth in this advanced, multi-tutorial course… Massive is, well, MASSIVE! It’s a multidimensional synth that inspires us to explore all kinds of electronic soundscapes from its awesome synth engine! Besides being an amazing multi-platform… Read More »