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zplane – vielklang Instant Harmony 2.4.0 (VSTi, RTAS, AAX) [Win x86 x64]

By | September 7, 2017

  Instant 4-voice harmonization with one click – download a single-audio audio file and create a natural accompanying sound of the chorus and brass brass! Vielklang allows you to completely focus on musical problems, rather than technical or theoretical, since vielklang is not only a harmonizer. It is equipped with a musical intellect and the basics of music… Read More »

Cochleor – Harmony Improvisator (VST) [Win x86]

By | March 14, 2017

Harmony Improvisator is an advanced harmonic composition tool. It opens up the world of harmonic theory by making centuries-old knowledge uniquely transparent. The Harmony Improvisator VST Plugin provides: Perfect harmonic improvisation. Composing with the rules of classical harmonic theory – no professional knowledge required. Complex cadences suitable for all styles of music. Unique concept of harmonic pattern sequencing.… Read More »

Aegean Music – Pitchometry 1.1 (VST, AU) [WIN.OSX x86 x64]

By | September 29, 2016

  Pitchometry is a pitch shifting plug-in delivering quality and flexibility in an efficient framework that allows multiple independent pitch shifted voices. A single voice can become a chorus of voices or simply be given fullness with some soft layered voices. A monophonic instrument can be given multiple voices, transform a single flute into chords in real time.… Read More »

Loomer – Resound, Manifold 1.7.3 STANDALONE, VST, RTAS, AU WIN.OSX.LINUX x86 x64

By | August 21, 2016

Manifold is a harmonizer audio effect that works by splitting an input signal into as many as 20 individual voices, each of which are detuned and scattered around the stereo panorama. Manifold is capable of producing a wide range of effects; from subtle modulations that add interest to lifeless sounds, to extreme detuning that fattens the weakest of… Read More »