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zplane – ElastiqueAAX 2.0.0 (AAX) [Win x64]

By | September 7, 2017

  Elastique Pitch is a plug-in for real time pitch shifting powered by zplane’s élastique Pro v3 pitch shifting engine. With a plug-in interface designed to allow quick and easy interaction with all parameters, Elastique is designed to be the optimal plug-in for pitch shifting in film and audio conversion applications, for sound design and for adjusting pitch… Read More »

zplane – ElastiqueAAX 1.1.0 (AAX) [Win x64]

By | September 7, 2017

  ÉlastiqueAAX is a plug-in for manipulating time and pitch in Pro Tools. It uses the élastiquePro V3 mechanism to stretch over time and shift along the length, which is integrated in a variety of DAWs and satisfies millions of users around the world. This ensures the highest quality of stretching / changing pitch. The plug-in interface was… Read More »