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Orchestral Tools – The Glock (KONTAKT)

By | February 3, 2016

THE GLOCK is a multi sampled orchestral Glockenspiel with sustain pedal. It is recorded in one of the best sounding scoring stages; the Teldex Studio in Berlin. We used the finest microphone setup and preamps to capture the fabulous magic in this famous hall (e.g. a Decca Tree and Mid AB setup with 5x legendary Neumann M50s microphones!).… Read More »

reFX – Kamui (Nexus 2, NXP)

By | December 22, 2015

Kamui is pure electro-house firepower: 131 sounds that will light up the dancefloor like a Christmas tree. Arpeggios, leads, pads, plucks, sequences and, oh, all those andrenaline-laced electro basses.   Related posts: reFX – Omicron 3 (Nexus 2, NXP) reFX – Stratosphere 2 (Nexus 2, NXP) reFX – NuElectro (Nexus 2, NXP) reFX – Audio Dubstep-Electro Vol.1 (Nexus… Read More »