Avid – JOEMEEK Bundle 12.0.86540 AAX x64

By | June 21, 2016



In use by top producers, JOEMEEK gear is the secret weapon that gives your sound the character and excitement it deserves.
This bundle includes the following two JOEMEEK plug-ins:

The JOEMEEK SC2 Photo Optical Compressor is designed purely as an effects compressor. It changes the clarity, balance, and even rhythmic feel of music – giving your tracks an undeniable edge! Joe Meek built custom recording circuits in tiny tobacco tins. One of them was a treble and bass equalizer with a sweepable mid control.

The JOEMEEK VC5 Meequalizer re-creates the exact equalizer circuit used by Joe Meek, offering simple controls and incredibly warm, musical results. Try it on mono or stereo tracks.


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