Flux – Ircam Tools 1.1 3.5.16 VST, AAX x86 x64

By | June 25, 2016



Load up with the next generation of processing plug-ins from Flux::! Ircam Tools is a bundle created in collaboration between Flux:: and Ircam and designed for premium quality. In the bundle, you get SPAT for exceptional room acoustic simulation, VERB for room acoustics and reverb processing, and three TRAX processors for unbelievable sound shaping. TRAX Transformer is your pick for real-time voice and sonic modeling, helping you change such perceived characteristics as a vocalist’s gender, age, breath, and more. TRAX Cross Synthesis is a spectral envelope morphing processor for morphing the characteristics of two sounds into new sonic domains. Finally, the TRAX Source Filter is here for enhanced sound filtering, letting you continuously blend the energy and spectral colors of a sound for an amazing filter-morphing effect.

When you want nothing but first-class plug-in quality, turn to Flux And when you want to reach new sonic dimensions and push your aural boundaries, turn to Flux’s Ircam Tools.

Fluxx: Ircam Tools Plug-in Bundle Features at a Glance:

  • Includes 7 plug-ins: SPAT, VERB, VERB Session, HEar, TRAX Transformer, TRAX Cross Synthesis, and TRAX Source Filter
  • Each plug-in supports up to 8 channels I/O
  • 64-bits internal floating-point processing
  • Sampling rate up to 384kHz for native



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