Dynamic Sound Sampling – Orchestral String Arpeggios [Part 2: Solos] (KONTAKT)

By | July 10, 2016



Orchestral String Arpeggios is the second product under Dynamic Sound Sampling’s “Orchestral String” line. The library consists of 58 violin (1st and 2nd) & viola 16th/8th triplet arpeggio loops. The library uses a pseudo-round-robin technique by having each round-robin change to a different start time in the loop, this way you can go between two arpeggios (or more) without it feeling like the same sample is being played each time. Because of this technique, you can also use the library to re-inforce other fast string lines to get more of a naturally played sound due to the samples starting in the middle of a line.

You have full control over 1st violins, 2nd violins, viola, tutti, and a BONUS solo violin & viola. There are 6 instruments for each section, and each instrument covers all of the inversions, major and minor (if applicable), and both up & down. The samples were recorded dry for your mixing pleasure.

The samples also use Kontakt’s Timemachine to adjust the tempo of the loops to your track’s tempo (NOTE: This only works when loading Orchestral String Arpeggios into your sequencer’s session; this will not work if you’re loading these into a secondary machine using the Kontakt stand-alone version).

There are keyswitches used to change the inversion, as well as keyswitches that play multiple inversions simultaneously (ie. Major Down & Down 1st Inv.)

Articulations & Instruments:
1st Violin
2nd Violin
Tutti (all of the above)
Solo Violin
Solo Viola
(each of the above sections have the following instruments. The numbers refer to the invervals in a chord; ie. 1 = root, 3 = min third, 7 = fifth, 12 = root an octave above)
16th Figures
1-3-7-12 (up & down with 1st & 2nd inversions; inc. major & minor)
1-7-12-7 (up & down with 1st inversion)
1-3-7-3 (up & down with 1st & 2nd inversions; inc. major & minor)
8th Triplet Figures
1-7-1 (up & down with 1st inversion)
1-3-7 (up & down with 1st & 2nd inversions; inc. major & minor)
1-7-12 (up & down with 1st inversion

Technical details:
– 44.1 kHz/*.ncw compressed (24 bit)
– 8,133 samples
– 36 instrument files
– Requires 6.33 GB of hard-drive space
– Requires Kontakt 4.2 (retail version)


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