Makka Samples From Film, TV & Vinyl (WAV)

By | July 14, 2016


What this consists of is 3.8 gig of samples that have been taken from Film, TV & Vinyl. This kind of stuff you generally dont get in normal sample CDs. Great for inspiration or unusual samples. Some of the samples are good for looping up and using in live performances, and some good for productions. I think anyone making any genre could find a useable sample amongst these. Particularly good for beat makers. Anyway I wont waffle on, I would just recommend getting this because samples like these arent easy to come by, unless you sample from sources like Film, TV & Vinyl.

Categories included:
Bass, Beats, Brass, FX, Guitar, Instrumental, Organ, Pads, Percussion, Piano, Plucked, Rhodes, Stabs, Strings, Synths, Vibes, Vocals, Wind.


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