Sample Magic – Vintage Vocals: Twisted Religion (WAV)

By | July 15, 2016

Authentic vintage vocal dialogues with a religious twist.
The Vintage 101 series continues its relentless crusade with this prime selection of vintage spoken word vocals with a religious twist. Gathered from long-lost (and royalty-free) recordings, each one is bristling with raw character.

Conceived to offer a unique collection of royalty-free vocal samples imbued with the sonic quality of a time long-gone, Twisted Religion offers a wealth of one-shot samples and extended phrases for use in your music with no legal timewasting.

Twisted Religion is packed with emotionally charged excerpts of speeches, sermons, rallies and performances – including some from the infamous cult leader Jim Jones (courtesy of The Jonestown Institute).

Each sample has been carefully processed to maximise clarity and useability without compromising the natural character of the original recordings.
Test-drive the demo and immerse yourself in a sound and time begging for a new lease of resampled life.


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