Synth Magic & Tronsonic – J4 (KONTAKT)

By | August 3, 2017


Synth Magic & Tronsonic – J4 KONTAKT – MAGNETRiXX [packet-dada]
991.8 MB
Type………..: Samples
Format………: KONTAKT
Product Page…:
Release Number.: 2480
Supplier…….: curve1
Release Title..: mgn-sthmatsjup4k.rar
Size………..: 09 x 100 mb
Release Date…: 22 April 2014
CRC…………: mgn-sthmatsjup4k.sfv
Synth Magic & Tronsonic present J4 for Kontakt 5.2.1(Full retail version of Kontakt is required).

-2 sets of samples included- one recorded ‘DI’, with a NEVE* style pre-amp/eq and boutique valve mixer at 48khz/24 bit.
The second set uses the same method as well as being recorded to brand new ‘old-stock’ tape at 15ips on a Studer* A807 quarter inch reel-to-reel recorder. Sample Size 1GB.

-Over 330 patches

-Single oscillator analogue style synth with 6 waveforms, sub square wave and noise generator.

-Syncable 16 step sequencer system with Filter, Resonance, Velocity and Chord sequencer

-Feed the sequencer with notes via your MIDI keyboard similar to Sequential Circuits Pro-One sequencer. You can also impose chord shapes and scales etc via easy to use GUI controls. Sequencer will also record the velocity of each note you play and display in real time in the velocity windows when inputting your sequence, you can then adjust in real time the velocity settings for each step as the sequencer is playing.

-Sequencer will also transpose to keys you play on your master keyboard or DAW MIDI note information – Great for those Vince Clarke type Pop songs.

-Syncable Arpeggiator

-Syncable main LFO and VCF S/H LFO

-Overdrive function via relationship between ‘Volume’ and ‘Level’ controls.

-Sub LFO

-Dual Polarity Keytrack

-Unison, Portamento and Mono mode

-4 Voice or Full Polyphony

-Pitch Bend and Mod Wheel routing system

-Delay, high quality ‘Mixbus’ Compressor, ‘Tape Compressor’, Ensemble and choice of 3 Reverbs.
-Over 330 patches

J4 can be cpu instensive on older computers due to the sheer amount of functionality – however switching off the convolution reverb and tape compressor system will go along way to reduce cpu
if you are using an old computer. Test bed computer here is a 4 year old I5 processor and it handled many instances of J4 fine.
Installation Notice

1) Uncompress files
2) Enjoy!
————————————————————————————- – – –
MMXIV (04).


  • Total size 842.0 MB



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