Spitfire Audio – Skaila Kanga Harp Redux V2.1 (KONTAKT)

By | August 15, 2018


Publisher : Spitfire Audio
Website : Spitfire Audio
Format : KONTAKT 4+
Quality : 16 \ 24 bit 44.1 \ 48 kHz mono \ stereo

Description : An updated version of the Skaila Kanga Harp Redux library (see spoiler)
Spitfire teamed up with leading virtuoso Skaila Kanga to create a beautiful and detailed harp library recorded at Air Studios. Skaila is the first harper in London, who has played in numerous films and albums.

New in version:
FIX: FX patch in “_Individual Brushes_” now has correct blue key mapping
FIX: Ostinatum now available in the main patches for all the short articulations
FIX: Harp pedaling no longer affects keyswitching / RR resets / etc.
ADDED: New unified UI to match the latest Spitfire releases
ADDED: ‘Persistent releases’. Release triggers no longer fade out when moving the mod wheel
ADDED: Stereo Collapse for the close mic functionality
ADDED: Per articulation
ADDED: Harp pedaling control to flatten or sharpen the white keys to match a harp
ADDED: New FX articulation containing various harp FX
ADDED: New ‘Slid’ articulation allowing you to play custom glissandi
UPDATE: Velocity response adjusted for the Normale articulation
UPDATE: Moves the Harp to the ‘BML’ codebase with all its latest features and functionality
UPDATE: Latest version of the Ostinatum machine
UPDATE: Latest UACC specification implemented
FIX: Dynamics & Expression now do not conflict when assigning CC1 / CC11 to sliders
FIX: Various bug fixes and performance tweaks.
Presets / Techniques / Articulations / Mics / Mixes

Normale – normal playing
Près de la table – near the soundboard
Flageolet – harmonics
Sons étouffés – damped (sus ped up)
Laissez vibrer – let ring (sus ped down)
Bisbigliando – unmeasured trem
Glissandi – sweeps
Harp main techniques
Harp glissandi legato
Harp glissandi manual
Individual patches :
Other brushes :
Harp main techniques – The Punch COG
Harpospheres :
Harposphere Synth – Atmoss
Harposphere Synth – Bass of the 80s
Harposphere Synth – BatCave Pad (MW verb)
Harposphere Synth – Emptiness
Harposphere Synth – Ghosts in the system
Harposphere Synth – Growler Pad (MW verb)
Harposphere Synth – Grungeslap Hit
Harposphere Synth – Impact Sub
Harposphere Synth – Jangle Pad
Harposphere Synth – Letting of Steam
Harposphere Synth – Longwarble Hit
Harposphere Synth – Matrix Pad (MW verb)
Harposphere Synth – Oldman
Harposphere Synth – Popping corns
Harposphere Synth – Pulsar Pad (MW verb)
Harposphere Synth – SubBass decay
Harposphere Synth – SysErr Pad (MW verb)
Harposphere Synth – They’re back
Harposphere Synth – Timelord Pad (MW verb)
Harposphere Synth – Ting Thing slowattack
Harposphere Synth – Ting Thing
Harposphere Synth – Tonehit Low
Harposphere Synth – Toys
Harposphere Synth – Trailerhit Gentle
Harposphere Synth – Trickles
Harposphere Synth – Unpleasant Pad (MW verb)
Harposphere Synth – ZooConga mid & hi
Mics & Mixes

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