Unison – MIDI Blueprint (MIDI)

By | November 27, 2018


Publisher : Unison
Website : unison.audio
Format : MIDI
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description : If you constantly get stuck on your tracks …
Struggling to create complex chords, because you don’t know music theory …
Or if you hit the plateau, but have exhausted fresh ideas …
Then Unison MIDI Blueprint for you.
Make perfect sounds, complex chords without any knowledge of music theory.
Get immense inspiration from 37,000+ chords and progressions
Quickly start and finish tracks so you can download more music.
Use proven chords and progression modeled from the most successful tracks in 20 genres.
Experiment with unorthodox chords to make your music stand out among the rest.
However, since this package is so strong … We limit it only to producers who take action and are serious about achieving their musical goals.
Only 2000 copies available.
After that, it is removed from our site and closed to the public.
Our best selling MIDI Chord Pack has now been acquired by more than 8,000 manufacturers, so it will be sold as soon as possible.


NOTE: the files are packed in .iso, due to the large size or compact size of the torrent file. Something like this.

37,000+ midi

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