Native Instruments – MALLET FLUX v1.0.0 (KONTAKT)

By | December 17, 2018


Publisher : Native Instruments
Website : Native Instruments
Format : KONTAKT 6+
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

– Greatly sampled mallets meet with an innovative arrangement.
– Quickly compose with 270 customizable ensemble preset scenes.
– Customize and line up complex sequences by automating Flux Engine patterns

More than just mallets : Most instruments with hammers give you great sound. MALLET FLUX offers more – yes, it has a beautifully selected glockenspiel, celesto, xylophone, vibraphone and marimba, but the key to this unique instrument lies in its innovative sequencer and game engine. This perfect combination of rhythm, melody and sound helps to quickly develop ideas, turning simple drafts into memorable arrangements of soundtracks, musical scores and much more.

A place for quick scoring : Go beyond the presets: 270 preset “scenes” – ready-made arpeggios, sequences and single hits in multi-instrumental arrangements – will help you quickly start writing. Find what you need by choosing the volume of notes and the time signature. Then play notes or chords to create unique custom patterns from an innovative automation mechanism. Flux and Drone scenes use complex effects chains to create heavenly sounds and fantastic textures. Morph scenes allow you to use the modulation wheel to dynamically change rhythms. Adjust the plot options to create something completely new.

CUSTOMIZED MIX PARAMETERS : Click on the original recordings of the five orchestral percussion instruments captured by the SONUSCORE sampling experts and mix them easily together. Adjust the mix of near and far microphones. Add a REPLIKA XT delay — based on the REPLIKA XT plug-in — and use different delay modes. Choose from a set of high-quality spaces, halls and reverbs to place instruments in your preferred sound space. Experiment with articulations and effects to create otherworldly sounds. Choose “flux” presets to reach new sound boundaries.
MALLET FLUX is a mallet instrument library that offers rhythmic and tonal sounds: 250 universal scenes — musical patterns and phrases that you can launch and control with your MIDI keyboard — offer a variety of melodies and rhythms controlled by powerful

sequencer. MALLET FLUX has a built-in effects chain for each instrument and a global mixer that allows you to customize the Ensemble in the smallest detail.




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