Rhythmic Robot – Audio DX Keys (KONTAKT)

By | February 6, 2019


Publisher : Rhythmic Robot
Website : Rhythmic Robot
Format : KONTAKT
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description : Darth Vader style, brilliant FM tones and barbs! • 8 classic patches for piano and EP recreated in the smallest detail using several speed layers and more than 830 MB of compressed samples • Combine, balance and rebuild any two patches into a genuine re-creation of a genuine DX Program slot • Patch Full Tines in all its beauty, come on, you do you know what you want ???? • We think that there are sounds in this thing that will pleasantly surprise even hardened DX skeptics.
(All of Kontakt instruments are a copy of the original software.) (Including all versions of Kontakt 5). See the FAQ for further information.)

Additional Information:
f you were alive in the 1980s, you were probably exposed to unhealthy amounts of Yamaha DX7 at an early age. In fact, even now, you can’t even more than 2 meters away from a DX7.
Wait. That might be rats. It’s not always a matter of how much you want to make it up. menu-driven editing, plus, it’s a bit more complex and frankly, it’s a funkle, This was a CD versus vinyl, digital versus analogue, the DX versus … well, every other synth out there. It had the best Electric Piano patches on the planet.
In retrospect it was easy to understand why people were blown away by it, though. If you’re a little bit crazy, you’ve been able to make it. listen to those electric pianos stitches, and dig that funkadelic bass!
Most of all, really, it just sounded different from analogue; It was a decade. There was simply no hope for everyone. Brian Eno had dozens of them.
It was a 16-bit glory. It sounded amazing. This second incarnation came in various ways (Io, option, one voice only, not really worth having); the IID (two voices which could not be split or layer, much cooler); and the IIFD (floppy drive too – the ultimate luxury!). And it’s clear that you’ve always received a flashback-to-Nam horror.
We’ve been up with the DXs (really – first synth) yamaha-dx7-kontakt-instrument-1Well, okay. We cut our programming chops on DXs (which is why coding is strolling in the park). And we like DXs. There, we said it. DXs are like assault rifles: you have to remind yourself In other words, it can be seen in the 80s,
Moreover, the DX had other patches up its sleeve besides THE electric piano. It’s a little bit more than a little bit of a dX7 II program memory. manner of wonderfully evocative DX-style pianos and EPs. It’s a little bit lovingly. It is a combination of a pleasant surprise to DX skeptics. Lexicon reverbs for some bit of extra digital luxury. This is a small, cool, elegant, cool and comfortable look. If you’ve ever heard of a DX7, it’s ruled the universe.

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