Audio Ease – Zlin concert hall (ALTIVERB Presets)

By | February 27, 2019


Publisher : Sonokinetic & Audio Ease
Website : audioease
Format : Altiverb 7.28+

Description : The concert hall of the Congress Center in Zlin (Czech Republic) is one of the few oval-shaped concert halls in the Altiverb acoustics library. It was recorded by Sonokinetic in close collaboration with Audio Ease.
Sonokinetic recorded many of their libraries of orchestral and choral samples in the same room. In October 2018, they managed to record a complete set of impulse responses for all Altiverb users. Three scene positions and three microphone depths are available.
The Zlin Concert Hall is also the home studio for the Capellen Orchestra and Choir, whose members are selected from a group of musicians from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary, and which are often used for film production.
Note: IR will appear in the “concert halls” section.

WIN : Place the Zlin.irbulk file in C \ Program Files \ Audio Ease \ Altiverb 7 \ Impulse Responses \ Audio Ease IRs
MAC : Place the Zlin.irbulk file in Applications \ Audio Ease \ Altiverb 7 \ Impulse Responses

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