ADSR Sounds – KID ZERO Getting Creative with Drums Leads and FX for EDM [Tutorial, ENG]

By | April 14, 2019


Year of release : 2014
Manufacturer : ADSR Sounds
Manufacturer Website :
Posted by : Kid Zero
Duration : 02:29:06
Type of handing out material : Video Tutorial
Language : English

Description : You have ever written an amazing track, but for some reason its sounds are not at all those that you hear in the tracks of other artists. Or maybe you feel that something is missing in your track? Writing various sections of your track is half the battle. The other half is to get a sound wide, bold and intriguing ear. This advanced 2-hour course, not only provides the knowledge necessary to make your sounds percussion, we will also reveal the secrets of the heart of the EDM.
There are no tracks yet. Or perhaps you’re missing something?
Writing the track. Be it up to be wide, thick and intriguing to the ear.
In the depths of 2 hours you can’t bang, you also unlock the secrets at the heart of EDM.
What will you learn from this Course?
Do not want to know.
This will be your production forever. Hid or dirty and aggressive, we got you covered. It will be a challenge for you again. Kid Zero unlocks the secrets that make it EDM drums what it is today. Get the knowledge you need to tailor your ear.
You need to know:
It was processed with analog gear
Understand how to make your sound spectrum
Expose what you want to use.
You need to figure out what it is? If you follow the techniques shown in this tutorial, filling out your tracks will be a thing of the past.
From the Breaks to the Builds, Drops to Leads,

1. Getting creative with Drums, Leads and FX Teaser
2. Building a Solid Kick
3. Adding a Snare to Your Drop Kick
4. Applying Reverb to Drums
5. Creating your own Snare Blast Fill
6. Adding Value to the second half of your drop
7. Getting Creative with Arps for your Drop Lead
8. Adding a build before your drop

Example files : present
Video Format : M4V
Video : AVC, 1280×720, 16: 9, 30.000 fps, ~ 2 377 Kbps
Audio : AAC, 44.1 KHz, ~ 257 Kbps, 2 channels


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