Sonic Academy – How To Make IDM with Kirk Degiorgio [Tutorial, ENG]

By | August 9, 2019


Release Year : 2019
Manufacturer : Sonic Academy
Manufacturer Website : sonicacademy
Posted by : Kirk Degiorgio
Duration : 3h 15m
Distribution Type : Video Tutorial
Video Format : TS
Video : 1024-2048 Kbps, 1280 * 720 and 1920 * 1080 (16: 9), 30,000 frames / sec, AVC
Audio : 99.2-152 Kbps, 44.1 KHz, 2 channels, AAC
Level : Beginner and Intermediate
Language : English

Description : Continuing its extremely popular Dark Room Techno course, Sonic Academy is proud to invite Techno Kirk Degiorgio virtuoso to the brand new How To Make course, and this time it creates a great IDM track from scratch.
Kirk has been at the peak of its fame since the early 90s and is a pioneer of this style, so if you are just starting out or an experienced producer, you know that you are in good hands and this 3-hour easy-to-learn course gives you a professional look creating your own dance track.
Taking his influence from various artists in this beloved genre, Kirk starts with a blank canvas and creates an evolving rhythm using classic 808 samples, and then records the main chord using the helpful Scaler plugin from Plugin Boutique.
Then we add the classic Jupiter 8 and DX 7 sounds for the pads and bass, fill in the percussion by slicing breakbeat before adding the beautiful melody, arpeggio and classic acid line 303.
After the arrangement, Kirk shows us his method of passing everything through the tape emulation, before we take a closer look at the process of mixing it, completing the track, ready to be sent to the master engineer.

Tutorial 01 – Playthrough and Introduction
05m 00s
Tutorial 02 – Drum Pattern
11m 31s
Tutorial 03 – Chord Progression using Scaler
21m 21s
Tutorial 04 – Pad Patch
08m 14s
Tutorial 05 – Bass
10m 51s
Tutorial 06 – Breakbeat
13m 51s
Tutorial 07 – Percussion
03m 08s
Tutorial 08 – Melody
11m 53s
Tutorial 09 – Acid Line
12m 55s
Tutorial 10 – Arpeggio
08m 15s
Tutorial 11 – Arrangement
28m 31s
Tutorial 12 – Details and Embellishment
10m 48s
Tutorial 13 – Tape Emulation Stage
07m 36s
Tutorial 14 – Mixdown – Channel Strip Processing
10m 19s
Tutorial 15 – Mixdown – Drum Bus
11m 26s
Tutorial 16 – Mixdown – Synth Bus
20m 20s

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