Kirk Hunter – Virtuoso Series String Orchestra (AKAI)

By | September 2, 2022


Publisher: Kirk Hunter
Website: no longer in production
Format: AKAI
Quality: 16 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: The complete version of the classic Kirk Hunter library on three discs. Especially recommended is the “Strings Tame” program in the last folder of the last partition on the third disk.

Additional Information :
The Virtuoso Series Strings by Kirk Hunter is a major String Orchestra release, featuring a variety of string sections recorded in several rooms in Los Angeles. The players are first-call musicians whose passion and sensitivity are fully revealed in these recordings. The main feature of this library is the variety of articulations used to create natural, fluid performances on your sampler. From up and down strokes, to hard attacks, and marcatos you’ll have plenty of options to simulate the natural randomness of real string bowing. There are also brilliant section slides, velocity mapped so that the players sound as though they’re bending up to a note while digging into a particularly passionate melody. This is a wonderfully effective feature.
You’ll get airy tremolos, half and whole step trills, to add some impressionistic color to your compositions. Another feature is a true Sordini (muted) violin section, great for mysterious and austere passages.
There is a great variety of section sizes available on the Virtuoso Series Strings, from 24 players, all the way down to two. These are presented a variety of ways on the sampler CD-ROMs to give you even more color options. For instance, by combining the 2 player programs with 24 player programs, you bring a little intimacy into an otherwise broad and massive sound.
The variety of sizes also lends itself to recreating several musical styles, from huge symphonic filmscores, to quaint chamber music. With the solo strings, you can even conjure up a terrific string quartet.

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