Soundiron – Circle Bells v2.0 (KONTAKT)

By | September 27, 2022


Publisher: Soundiron
Website: soundiron
Format: KONTAKT 5.1+
Quality: 24bit 48kHz stereo

Description : The Circle Bells library was recorded using a rare and unique instrument called “Blossom Bells” created by local SF Bay Area luthier Pete Engelhart. This hand-held percussion instrument has six steel conical bells tuned to different heights and spaced at different distances. Each bell has a deep, warm and resonant tone with long sustain and crystal clearness. We recorded them with soft hammers, hard sticks and a alto bow with singles/staccatos and fills/sustains for each articulation. Its characteristic sound evokes the feeling of a steel marimbaphone or celeste when played with hammers, but its character and wavelike resonance cannot be directly compared to any other instrument.
The bells range in size from 2″ to 3 1/2″ in diameter, and each is about 10″ long. Each note can sound up to 10 seconds or more and carries a deep mixture of beautiful overtones. We recorded each of them close to each other. Wide stereo It is divided into three articulation sections: bow, hammers and sticks We used an alto bow to create sustain and staccato We used soft cloth hammers to play individual notes and sustain fills and hard sticks to play individual rolls scrapings and sustain effects All articulations are characterized by a wide RR and deep dynamic layering of velocity.
Each articulation is available as a standalone preset or as part of a powerful two-layer tool that allows users to shape and mix any two articulations, each with completely independent controls. Each preset offers a full rack of DSP effects, layer blending, tuning and envelope shaping. Our advanced ARP system provides instant adaptive arpeggiation, step sequencing, scale/chord limiting, and auto-scroll functionality with saving and loading custom settings. You’ll also find a large selection of ambient and atmospheric effects presets created by the Soundiron team and veteran sound engineer and instrumentalist Steven Tavalione.
New in version
This library was originally released by Tonehammer in 2009. We are now proud to present the new version 2.0 with many great new features that take it to a whole new level. The library now has a powerful user interface with layered audio mixing, allowing you to create your own hybrid tones and layered effects. You’ll also find flexible key range customization, instant articulation switching, performance tuning with a range of important automatic sonic parameters, a sophisticated arpeggio panel with step sequencer, a full suite of DSP multi-effects, dynamic shaping tools, resonant filters, tone control and convolutional reverb, and more. We’ve also added smart voice limiting and improved keymapping. While this massive library is rich in detailed, high quality content and robust features, we’ve also included more compact “Lite” presets that are designed to conserve your system’s resources when you need them.

Characteristics :
– Cloth mallet strikes: an average of 12 velocity layers with our standard 10 round-robins
– Cloth mallet rolls: modwheel controlled loops with 3+ velocity layers and 2+ round robins with release triggers
– Twin metal guitar pick strikes: an average of 12 velocity layers and 10x round-robin
– Twin metal guitar pick scratch effects: 8 layers and 8 round robins per layer
– Twin metal guitar pick scratch “rolls”: modwheel controlled loops with 3+ velocity layers and 2+ round robins with release triggers
– Bowing sustains on all bells (fundamental notes and harmonics): 2+ velocity layers and 2+ round robin with release triggers
– Bowing staccatos on all bells (fundamental notes and harmonics): 2+ velocity layers and 2+ round robin
– Custom sculptable ambient drones, created using only the circle bells as source material
– 5.56 GB installed
– 2,893 Samples
– 22 .nki instrument presets

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