Musical Sampling – Boutique Drums Ruby (KONTAKT)

By | December 5, 2022


Publisher: Musical Sampling
Website: musicalsampling
Format: KONTAKT FULL (K’ed) 5.8.1+
Quality: 24bit 48kHz stereo

Description : Ruby is the first release from our Boutique Drums series. We have consulted with our drummer Brian Scoggin (Casting Crowns) who prepared a set of truly exclusive drum parts for this release. We also chose to record at Hey Hey Studios in Griffin, Georgia due to its outstanding acoustics and engineering; a remarkable space providing tastefully balanced space and character.
Each of the eight mixes was created from scratch using an arsenal of processing tools, both hardware and software. We decided to develop presets outside of Kontakt to get what we felt was the exact mix with just the right amount of punch, balance and vibration, while still providing enough headroom for additional processing.
Under the hood, Ruby alternates between two different sets of hi-hat/ride multisamples; depending on how fast you hit successive notes for a given articulation. The first press triggers a single sample, while subsequent presses trigger repeated samples.
We’ve included five different hi-hat states for multisamples and live 8th note grooves that automatically sync to your DAW’s tempo: tight, normal, slightly open, medium open, and full open; the grooves are recorded at 90/120/140 beats per minute.
We also believe we have developed hi-hat grooves with release trigger crossfades. With the modulation wheel down, the loop will play in the tightest state of the hi-hat. When you determine the modulation wheel up, the hi-hat opens. It’s damn cool.

Characteristics :
Full drum kit curated by Brian Scoggin (Casting Crowns)
• Kick, snare, cross stick, rimshot, three toms, ride (with crash), ride bell, two crashes, hihats, synced live hihat grooves (three recorded tempos – 90 / 120 / 140 BPM)
• Trigger 2 presets for all eight mixes
Simple and intuitive mix interface
• Eight interchangeable “baked-in” mix presets
• Repetition sampling for all rides/hi-hat samples
• Live eighth-note hi-hat grooves recorded at 90 / 120 / 140 BPM that sync to your DAW’s tempo
• Crossfadeable hi-hat grooves (fades between five different hi-hat states; from tight to all-open)
• Groove Speed ​​control (Half/Normal/Double)
• Adjustable Humanization feature (Off/Tight/Natural/Loose)
• Assignable Kontakt outputs for each drum group

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