Audio Imperia – Flourish: HEX CHOIR – Tension & Horror Choir (KONTAKT)

By | February 28, 2023


Publisher : Audio Imperia
Website : Audio Imperia
Format : KONTAKT 6.7.1+
Quality : 16bit 48kHz stereo

Description :
We are pleased to introduce a new line of products to our cinematic catalogue: the FLOURISH series.
Sometimes our most memorable musical moments can happen in the most unusual and unexpected ways.
The slightest inspiration can turn a soundtrack into a sensation. Our goal with the Flourish series is to capture those emotions and provide creative tools
that focus on the smallest details. Each Flourish product is designed to add something unique to your sonic palette and is available to all
who crave individuality and fresh ideas.
In 2019, we had the great pleasure of working on the music for the official gameplay trailer for Diablo IV. The music for the trailer was supposed to be very dark and creepy, with a hint of whispering, similar to ritual chants or spells. While we used some of the vocals from the announcement cinematics provided to us by Blizzard Entertainment, we also did some individual vocal sessions with a small group of sopranos to enhance that special atmosphere. During this project, we learned a lot about recording very unusual articulations, which led to a series of more focused sessions with 5 sopranos to create the Hex Choir.

Main characteristics :

Articulations in Hex Choir fall into two categories :
– Short soft syllables: Fa, Who, Fo, Sah, Sha, Vigorous, Vigorous Short, Yelp.
– Downers Aah (short, medium, long)
– Downers Yeh (medium, long, sharp)
– Downers Oo (medium, long)
– Riser Aah (short, medium, long)
– Riser Eeh (short, medium, long)
– Riser Oh (short, long)
– Cries (short, long, maximum)
– Respiratory syllables: Kha, Sha, Sha Sharp, Tah.
– Miscellaneous: Sh!, Whooshy Build, Groans, Goblin Noises, WeeOOOOOOOOw, Chugga.
– Spooky Sustains: Aah, Mm, Uu.
– Soft delays: Aah, Eeh.
– Aah Sustains: Breathing, Strong, Strong 2.
– Eeh Sustains: Strong, strong 2.
– De Sustain: Strong.
– THX Sustain: THeX.

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